Smart Nitrogen Slow Release Liquid Fertilizer, Chelated Micronutrients, and Natural Organic Products including Companion a Biological FungicideSmart Nitrogen Slow Release Liquid Fertilizer, Chelated Micronutrients, and Natural Organic Products including Companion a Biological Fungicide
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The Best of the Best Success Stories of 2014 goes to...
Jim Beveridge at Yards Done Right in Cleveland, OH!

Thank you to all of our contestants for their inspiring stories and participation.
Congratulations to Jim for his outstanding submission. Your winning biological approach to lawn care and soil amendment not only impressed your customers, but The Growth Products' online community as well, with a whopping 60% of the vote and a prize of $2,500 in cash! Implementing key programs for soil health is certainly crucial in maintaining both healthy lawns and happy customers. Growth Products is honored to be a part of your Best Success, keep up the good work in 2015! Listen to his story »
Latest Headlines
Healthy Root, Healthy Plant
Growers in California and eastern portions of Oregon and Washington may feel they're running out of options when it comes to dealing with the persistent drought and subsequent challenges to growing a healthy crop Read More
Defend Your Turf from Winterkill
Winter came much too early to our customers in the Midwest region. While the cold weather caused mere discomfort for some, turf managers are probably losing sleep worrying about how their turf will fare this coming spring Read More
Review All of 2014's Best Success Stories
Take a look at the complete list of Success Stories for the year. Covering diverse markets from Citrus and Potatoes to Nurseries and Golf Courses, these success stories focus on the accomplishments made by the hard working people through the Green Industry Read More
The Best Defense is a Good Offense
For the citrus growers in Florida, the biggest enemies this time of year are freezing temperatures and the omnipresent greening disease (HLB). At the same time farmers need to be thinking about the upcoming fruit season Read More
The Ripple Effect - Healthier Plants, Faster Turnaround, Satisfied Customers
This year, Steve Bruin of Lincoln Nurseries in Grand Rapids, Michigan began using Growth Products in his propagation process with outstanding results. With plants being propagated and potted in 2 months, Steve is able to turnaround plants quickly and free up space in his greenhouse, while providing his customer with a healthier product at the same time. Watch Video
Restoring Soil's Biological Balance
Farmers in the Midwest harvested a bumper crop of apples this year, due, in part to favorable weather conditions. We can't do much about the weather, but we can do something about the condition of plants and soil to help you achieve the best results. Read More
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