Smart Nitrogen Slow Release Liquid Fertilizer, Chelated Micronutrients, and Natural Organic Products including Companion a Biological FungicideSmart Nitrogen Slow Release Liquid Fertilizer, Chelated Micronutrients, and Natural Organic Products including Companion a Biological Fungicide
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Latest Headlines
Back to Basics: Root and Soil Health
How many times have you heard someone say, "Let's get to the root of the situation"? Or "What's the root cause of this issue"? Read More
Fight Plant Stress with BioNutrients & More
The year so far has been one of weather extremes: a bitterly cold winter that damaged a wide range of plants; an excessively wet and rainy late spring followed by drought-like conditions in early summer; and now sweltering temperatures Read More
Top Four Tips for Top Flight Greens
Summer heat, drought, or its opposite - excessive rain and high humidity - all take a toll on greens. But with sound agronomic practices and a proactive mind-set, golf superintendents can keep greens playable and attractive all summer long Read More
Summer Tees and Fairways
Superintendents can leave old practices behind and adopt a vastly improved summer program for fairways and tees that emphasis cost-effective, liquid foliar products, liquid organics, and beneficial microbes Read More
Turf Recovery After A Harsh Winter
As we come out of a harsh winter, including monthly applications of the organic biostimulant, Essential® Plus 1-0-1, in your standard practices will have a tremendously beneficial impact on your turfgrass Read More
The Toil for Healthy Spring Soil
One of the largest trees in the United States can be found in Goose Island State Park, near Lamar, Texas. Aptly called "The Big Tree," this Virginia Live Oak is a superb example of importance of healthy, balanced soil to its vitality and endurance Read More
Understanding Bacillus
Whether you're working the tough red clay in Georgia or some of the poor sandy soils in Australia, all plants need the same components for healthy growth Read More
Growth Products Introduces Companion® Biological Fungicide Wettable Powder!
Growth Products has expanded its product line to include Companion® Biological Fungicide Wettable Powder, a broad spectrum biological fungicide for the prevention, control and suppression of diseases on all agricultural crops. Read More
Healthy Root, Healthy Plant
Growers in California and eastern portions of Oregon and Washington may feel they're running out of options when it comes to dealing with the persistent drought and subsequent challenges to growing a healthy crop Read More
Defend Your Turf from Winterkill
Winter came much too early to our customers in the Midwest region. While the cold weather caused mere discomfort for some, turf managers are probably losing sleep worrying about how their turf will fare this coming spring Read More
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