Smart Nitrogen Slow Release Liquid Fertilizer, Chelated Micronutrients, and Natural Organic Products including Companion a Biological FungicideSmart Nitrogen Slow Release Liquid Fertilizer, Chelated Micronutrients, and Natural Organic Products including Companion a Biological Fungicide
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A Face Lift For a Private Estate
Gary Benbow, Plant Healthcare Manager
Tree Care Inc., Sacramento, CA
Growth Products representative Keith Giertych. talks with Gary Benbow of Tree Care Inc. about a new landscape project at a private estate in Sacramento, California. After consulting with Keith and Dave Patterson of Target Specialty Products, Gary created a protocol to target high pH, iron deficiencies, and low growth rates using Growth Products' pH Reducer, 0-30-0, Autumn Care 6-12-12, Companion, and Essential. With regular applications since the fall, the landscape has responded well to the treatments showing renewed color and vigor. Watch Video »
Latest Headlines
How to Combat Citrus Greening by Building Root Mass
The latest research shows that Citrus Greening damages roots far earlier than we once thought, but growers can fight back by proactively building and maintaining a heavy root mass, both before and after disease symptoms appear... Read More
Spring into Action with an Arbor Care Program
This spring's growth spurt is beautiful, but it takes a lot of energy on the part of trees. That makes NOW the ideal time to get started on an arbor care program that will help your trees thrive... Read More
Consistency is Key
Luke Hankins is the Director of Turfgrass Operations of a 54-hole Golf Course in Memphis, TN. After a conversion project in 2003, Luke began a foliar feeding program with Growth Products. He now uses a regular rotation of Pro-Formance 18-3-6 and Micrel Total to give his course a consistent green color for a 7 to 10 day run and provide his players with consistent green-speed, feel, and firmness... Watch Video
Well Rooted, Finished Hydrangeas in 9 Weeks
After observing shorter crop cycles and a reduced need for chemical fungicides, Jim Emery & Curtis Dale of Northland Farms, decided to use Companion & Essential to help grow a quicker and more profitable hydrangea... Watch Video
Companion's NEW easy to use Blue Jugs! True Blue, the "genuine" thing!
The NEW ROYAL Blue bottle protects the product from UV light, and the industry favorite design, an F-style handle, is easy to handle and pour, making it the perfect packaging choice... Read More
Rebuilding a Grove From the Ground Up
Two Years ago there wasn't a half a box of fruit in the whole grove, now you have marketable, fresh fruit... Watch Video
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