New Bottle

Companion® Biological Fungicide's NEW easy to use Blue Jugs! True Blue, the "genuine" thing!

White Plains, NY - Paying attention to customer's comments will always result in good things! When Growth Products heard from more than one of our loyal Companion® Biological Fungicide users that we needed to improve our Companion packaging and make it easier to handle and more durable, we did just that.

Companion is a very unique product formulated to fight a broad range of soil and leaf fungal disease. It has been called by leading researchers the most consistent and reliable biological on the market. Protecting the contents; packaging has always been an important part of our quality control, making sure that Companion gets to our customers in good condition, and remains so. Our NEW packing does just that and more! A new ROYAL Blue bottle protects the product from UV light, and the industry favorite design, an F-style handle, is easy to use and pour, making it the perfect packaging choice. The heavy HDPE material will survive the toughest handling and worst storage conditions.

It's available in 4 different package sizes, so that it meets the needs of both smaller and larger users. And don't forget our larger 30 gal drum quantities for our larger end-user.

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