Expecting the Unexpected

The Classic 18-3-6, Essential Plus 1-0-1, Companion Biological Fungicide, Green-Speed SI (0-2-5)
August 2014

It's been an uneventful summer for most, in terms of disease pressure on golf course turf due to the cool nights and the weather being a bit on the dry side. As a result, turf managers have hit the cruise button as they coast through the summer. However, they should not get too comfortable because that can change quickly.

Expect the unexpected is what savvy customers should keep in mind.

Rather than get a little complacent and find yourself caught in a sand trap, it's best to maintain turf fertility and apply those products that will prevent any future threats to healthy turf.

Growth Products has the solutions you need to keep your turf healthy at a cost you can afford. Our low-salt, low-burn products and proprietary technology has made our products stand out from coast to coast for golf and other turf applications.

The Growth Products Advantage

The ClassicThe Classic 18-3-6 with 50% SRN plus micros provides golf course superintendents with a perfect balance of quick-release nitrogen for an instant green-up. It also contains 50 percent Smart NitrogenTM, a proprietary slow-release nitrogen, making The Classic a high performance and potential labor saving choice for creating golf course tees and greens that rival Augusta. Add the fact that it has an enviable environmental profile, you can easily see why it is such a favorite with golf course superintendents.

In addition, The Classic contains the micronutrients needed to improve and maintain healthy turf and ward off potential disease problems. It also has a remarkably low salt index and contains no harmful chlorides, hydroxides, or high sulfur products. It's safe to apply through traditional spray applications or via fertigation.

An Ounce of Prevention... and More!

Golfers may be on holiday, but fungal disease never takes a vacation. Fungal spores for diseases like Pythium, Anthracnose and Brown Patch lie in wait for "favorable" weather conditions (damp or wet conditions with high humidity), you know those days that are not so favorable for golfers!

We've got the preventive medicine for outbreaks of these potentially devastating turf grass maladies. For instance, Growth Product's Companion® Biological Fungicide the first ever EPA registered biofungicide on the U.S. market, is proven to be effective on all common turf diseases. It can be used alone or in conjunction with chemical applications.

Healthy turf resists disease so make sure you include in your program of prevention Essential®Plus 1-0-1 Root Stimulator and Soil Conditioner. Essential Plus contains the building blocks for healthy soil to grow a vigorous turf: Humic and L-Amino Acids, enzymes, organic proteins, kelp extracts and natural biostimulants. When using Essential Plus expect better soil CEC ratings, improved turf rooting and overall healthier turf that can withstand the vagaries of Mother Nature.

Getting Back into the Game

The ClassicIt happens sooner or later to most golf course turf--and superintendents: divot damage, bare turf areas, slow greens, and dry spots. These are all conditions that reduce playability for your customers.

For a quicker ball roll, better mowing, and reduced ball marks, ask for our Green-SpeedTM Si (0-2-5). This proprietary formula combines silica, Potassium Phosphite, and Humic Acid that invigorates grass blades by strengthening cell walls, and increasing nutrient uptake for optimal turf health.

Bottom line? Don't get too complacent, the weather can turn faster than a golfer's game. Maintain proper turf fertility and follow a program as outlined by our staff at Growth Products as every year is different and anything can happen.

Contact our helpful staff today to see how you can get in the winning game.