Jump Start For Your Crops
Starter Plus 8-32-5, Essential, and Companion Biological Fungicide

Have you ever watched an empty lot -- turn into a house, seems like overnight? After driving past that spot for months, suddenly there's a new house, in a week?

Sure, they were always working on it, but never seemed to make any progress. The permit signs showed up. Workers were doing something. Maybe some piles of dirt moved around.

But suddenly one day, a house 'arrived'. It seems as if it went from bare ground to two stories. Now they're pouring the driveway and finishing the landscaping. And finally, there stands a fine house that you can tell will last for years...

All that preparation time was essential for the strong finish. Good planning, proper site prep. Laying a good foundation. Quality craftsmanship at every stage, just like for a new crop...

The proper foundation leads to a good harvest

As you plan which veggies you're planting, you have concerns about germination, transplant shock and strong root development. Even disease resistance.

All important issues for a future, high yield crop. Strong starts mean a shorter crop cycle. You harvest early, with bountiful fruit and vegetables.

And when you get to market early, you can demand the best prices.

Growth Products' Jump Start Program helps you get there earlier. By combining three foundation building products as part of your planting water, when you transplant out to the field.

Together, Growth Products' Starter Plus 8-32-5, Essential Plus 1-0-1 and Companion Biological Fungicide work quickly, with visible results for your new plant starts.

Readily Available Phosphorus
The name says it - Starter Plus 8-32-5. It contains highly soluble and readily available phosphorus to promote good root growth in your transplants.

And Starter Plus provides the necessary micronutrients for consistently feeding of all your young plants. Many starter mixes leave out these essential micros. Such as iron, copper, zinc and manganese, and more.

Also Starter Plus 8-32-5 is source of slow release nitrogen (SRN). It allows for strong, steady growth, without the spurts, which contributes to a plant's overall disease resistance.

Strong Root Development
Essential Plus 1-0-1 is valuable in the planting water for reducing transplant shock and stimulating root development. Essential Plus does this by enhancing the soil, promoting cell division, and good root growth and branching.

Transplant shock is reduced by providing the necessary organic nutrients for general plant health. Essential Plus builds healthy soil. Healthy soil produces healthy plants… and good yields.

Protecting the Plant
And when Companion Biological Fungicide is added to the planting water, you're directly protecting your young crop from both soil and foliar diseases.

As part of your planting drench, Companion uses multiple modes of action to prevent and control soil borne diseases, and allows healthy transplant growth.

Companion also helps to stimulate the plant's own immune response - with Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR). Companion works at all growth stages to protect and improve your crop.

The entire Jump Start Program is low salt, balanced pH, easy to mix and safe to handle.

Use it as a drench on all your transplants, like cantaloupes, peppers and tomatoes. You'll experience reduced transplant shock and a good strong start. Growers have experienced significantly larger (up to 50% larger) plants after only 3 weeks, when compared with untreated crops.

So, while you are planning out your fall plantings, include a powerful, effective planting water to support all your choices. With Growth Products' Starter Plus 8-32-5, Essential Plus 1-0-1 and Companion Biological Fungicide you're providing a jump start for all your new plants' needs.

It's the planning and proper site prep, and foundation, that leads to a long standing structure. Or a bountiful, profitable crop yield.