A BioBlender Believer

Winter has put an end to the Midwestern growing season for the year, making this the perfect time for me to look back and reflect on the season's successes. One astounding success story was with BioBlender™ Media Mix.

Up-Close and Personal

This was my first year working up-close and personally with BioBlender. A dry organic biological amendment for soil or soilless growing media, BioBlender provides all the benefits of Essential 100% Natural Biostimulant and Companion Biological Fungicide. What I saw in the field this year made a BioBlender believer out of me!

Early last spring, I talked with a 3rd generation Michigan nurseryman who had been experiencing slow and inadequate rooting on his hydrangeas. I mentioned the idea of giving BioBlender a try, and the rest - as they say - is history.

The grower mixed BioBlender into his growing media at the rate of 1 pound per cubic yard of soil prior to potting up his hydrangea plugs from quart liners into 3 gallon containers at the end of June. Between his potting-up date and September 28th, he followed his standard conventional fertilizer program and also drenched the new containers three times with Essential and Companion (1 quart of Essential per 100 gallons of water and 1 pint of Companion per 100 gallons of water).

On September 15th, only 2½ months after potting up, the hydrangeas treated with BioBlender had exceptional top growth and root growth:

Hydrangeas's top growth 77 days after potting up into 3-gallon containers with BioBlender at 1 pound per cubic yard.

On left, root development on a hydrangea, grown under nurseryman's standard practices, 77 days from potting up into a 3-gallon container. On right, root development on a hydrangea 77 days after being potted up into 3-gallon containers with BioBlender at 1 pound of BioBlender per cubic yard of soil mix.

By September 28th, only three months after potting up from quart liners to 3-gallon containers, the hydrangeas treated with BioBlender showed top growth and root growth nothing short of phenomenal:

Top growth and root development of treated hydrangea at 90 days after potting up.

The How and the Why

Growth like this demands an explanation. The answer is in the biological make-up of BioBlender.

BioBlender's high concentrations of humic acid, kelp extracts, and L-Amino acids provide phytohormones that promote root cell division and elongation, stimulate plant branching, improve nutrient uptake, and improve water absorption even in difficult soilless media.

With BioBlender, this array of beneficial ingredients is in the soil or growing media from the very start, resulting in better plants produced within a shorter growing cycle. Growers can incorporate the dry granular into their planting media on-site prior to planting, or they can have BioBlender delivered directly to their soil provider to be incorporated off-site into soil, soiless or bark-based growing media.


Since witnessing the abundant top growth and root development of the hydrangeas potted up with BioBlender Media Mix, instead of having sugarplums dance in my head on long winter nights I have visions of healthy green growth. I hope you do too. After all, a photo is worth a thousand words, and the photos above cannot be denied.

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