Fall is a Time for Change and New Beginnings

Overseeding Turf Prep

With Recover RX and BioNutrients

Garage sale season is in full swing... You probably notice the motley collection of signs on your street corners every weekend... "Yard Sale", "Rummage Sale", "Tag Sale"...

Displays of clothing, piled books, toys and household 'treasures' in garages, carports or yards waiting eagerly for neighbors or passing cars to stop by and peruse the great bargains.

Maybe it started with a thorough 'spring cleaning', someone moving, or wanting to earn a little extra money. But a garage sale is also a time clean out the 'old' and bring in the 'new'... a time for change...

At This Time of Year Superintendents Are Also Looking Forward...
Just when you get your turf conditions ideal for the summer's demands - you're planning for the next big change.

In the south, that means the inevitable snowbirds' arrival! Your main focus is overseeding your warm season varieties with cool season grasses before they go into dormancy.

In the north, you're getting ready to repair the summer's wear and tear areas, and preparing for fall play and for over-wintering.

Overseeding For Success
With such a major investment of time and money, it is essential that your seeds germinate quickly, get well established and develop strong roots for the new stressors to come. Remember, in the north, the optimal overseeding time is mid-September.

A nutritional formula from Growth Products will make your investment pay off.

Quick Consistent Germination
Growth Products' BioNutrients 8-0-9 for Fairways, Sports Turf, and Lawn Care supports:

  • Fast, consistent germination
  • Soil structure conditioning and improved water retention
  • Root growth stimulation
  • Protection from stress
  • Introduction of valuable soil microbes
  • Addition of essential carbon to the soil

BioNutrients contains humic acid, which softens the seed coat for easier germination and promotes root growth. Your germination will be consistent and fast.

The kelp in BioNutrients contains auxin-like and cytokinin hormones. These hormones effect cell division and cell enlargement which promotes root initiation, root branching and shoot growth.

Continued TLC After Germination
Once the seeds germinate, Growth Products' Recover Rx 3-18-18 with Salicylic Acid provides the perfect ratio of phosphorus and potassium for continued support of the developing root systems and strengthening of cell walls.

Recover's salicylic acid (SA) reduces stress in seedlings. By providing the same active ingredient as in aspirin, SA works on plants much the same way it works for humans - by boosting the plant's natural immune system in response to stress, through systemic acquired resistance or SAR.

Disappearing Turf
Due to extreme heat and drought conditions that have plagued so much of the country this year you may be forced to overseed. Start by selecting drought resistant seed varieties for your overseeding. Then consider which Growth Products to go along with it.

These extreme conditions require extra TLC and BioNutrients is the perfect USDA Certified Biologically based product to apply to your fairways.

Hydro-Max best utilizes the water that's being applied - making water "wetter" and makes irrigation more efficient. Use in your spray tank's starter mix and apply after seeding to create a moist environment in the seed bed for better germination.

Preparing For Fall And Winter
So whether you are getting your summer-ravage turf optimized before winter, or shifting to cool season grasses for full winter play, use the powerful combination of Growth Products' BioNutrients for Turf and Recover Rx with SA as part of your Overseeding Program.

Start your overseeding quickly and successfully. You'll rebuild your summer damage and then continue green and vibrant into the fall. And right through the winter.

Fall is a time for change, new beginnings. And maybe a little extra room in your garage or shed at home...