Healthy Root, Healthy Plant

Companion Biological Fungicide, Essential Plus 1-0-1
January 2015

Growers in California and eastern portions of Oregon and Washington may feel they're running out of options when it comes to dealing with the persistent drought and subsequent challenges to growing a healthy crop.

Years of bone-dry conditions has caused many soils to become compacted, allowing harmful salts to accumulate, which, in turn kills beneficial microbes that feed the root system of annual and perennial crops. Compounding the problem is years of use, and perhaps, overuse of high salt index fertilizers.

Fortunately, here at Growth Products we have solutions for these challenging conditions. With innovative fertilizers, fungicides, and soil enhancements developed by our own research and development team, carefully formulated with high quality ingredients, we can help you build better soil and healthier plants. Our products have been used extensively across the country and around the world.

What we tell growers facing drought conditions is they need to "reset" the soil to encourage growth of a microbial population which we now know is at the root, so to speak, of building healthy plants. We like to say"healthy root, healthy plant." At no time is this more important, than right now, as our soils become more and more depleted of beneficial organisms that help build and maintain healthy roots.

Our products not only feed plants with major and minor nutrients, but will help to loosen up the soil which will encourage microbial activity. A soil teaming with microbes will help build a healthier root system that can better search for precious moisture in the soil. Building healthy roots will also improve a plant's immune system so it can ward off disease and insect infestations.

We recommend a whole program of soil enhancers and slow-release, low-salt plant food starting off with our Essential® Plus 1-0-1 , an all-organic product with multiple uses in horticulture and agriculture. For drought-prone soils, Essential will help open up the soil to provide food for beneficial microbes.

After applying Essential at the recommended rate, introduce our patented and first ever EPA approved liquid fungicide, Companion® Biological Fungicide. Companion's GB03 promotes Rhizobacteria (PGPR) and is also a bio-stimulant. It naturally encourages plant growth and produces better rooting, branching, and flowering.

Salt Damage
Greens for floral arrangements had trouble growing in salty conditions & poor soil. Plants treated with a dip of
Companion Biological Fungicide
at planting, saw amazing results.

Once you've reset the soil using the products recommended above, you can choose from several of our low-salt, slow-release products, such as our Smart Nitrogen™ and other plant food, as they apply to the crop you're growing and specific growing conditions.

Popular in both horticultural and agricultural applications, including greenhouse growing, transplanting, large and small fruit, field crops, and turf, our products have a wide array of uses.

The one thing that impresses our customers about the Growth Products line of fertilizers is versatility. All of our fertilizers and fungicides can be tank mixed with pesticides and other products. We also offer products that can be applied through foliar application.

Despite the headline-grabbing report of all the precipitation that occurred before Christmas in this region, California and the eastern sections of Oregon and Washington will continue to deal with the effects of drought for years to come.