Reducing Costs with Fertigation

Essential Plus 1-0-1, Re-Store Plus 3-0-2, The Classic 18-3-6, Nitro-22
July 2014

Summer is a wonderful time to be outdoors in America's small towns and cities. Parks and recreation complexes are bursting with activity from sunrise to well after dusk: soccer, softball, and folks just lounging or strolling through beautiful parks. Keeping the turf green and healthy looking in public parks and playing fields can be a real challenge, and expensive for cash-strapped municipalities and other public as well as private entities. In fact, over the past few years there has been more demand on playing fields while budgets are being slashed by up to 10% can be seen almost across the board.

For the people who are responsible for keeping these spaces beautiful within a tight budget it can be a real challenge. Poor green-up, compaction, dieback, these are the turf manager's dilemma.

Growth Products has many options for money-saving solutions for public and private entities. This begins with analyzing your turf situation, specifically targeting your needs and providing a tailored program designed to be used for fertigation.

Fertigation, a process by which liquid fertilizer is applied via an irrigation system, has increased five-fold in the last year, mostly because it offers the most economical and versatile means of improving and maintaining turf.

Advantages of Fertigation with Growth Products

The main advantage of fertigation is you can control the amount of product that is released at any given time. With the vagaries of weather these days: hot, dry, cold, windy - It all can be seen here in the West - it is a real advantage to be able to have this control. For instance, in a windy situation an irrigation system can be shut down to avoid wasteful drift.

Granular slow release fertilizers that are applied via a boom from the back of a four wheeler just doesn't cut the mustard with today's budgets and changing weather patterns. When you apply a granular fertilizer you "got what you've got", in other words there is no way to regulate a granular fertilizer once it is applied to a turf area.

Fertigation also offers a much cheaper alternative in terms of man hours and equipment, and this is good news for cities, golf courses and schools trying to stay under budget while keeping parks and playing fields looking good for various activities and events.

Lastly, fertigation offers versatility, and turf managers like this. Should you need to apply other products through your irrigation system, such as iron for a quick green-up, or a surfactant in drought-prone areas, you simply change manifolds on the injectors and add the product.

fertigation1 fertigation2

Low Salt Solution

Growth Products fertilizers have some of the lowest salt indexes of any products out there on the market. People like that because it's user friendly and impossible to burn the grass when used per the directions on the label.

Municipalities also like our products because they are starting to use grey water. Our products solve problems associated with using grey water because low salt products like ours means using less water and better overall performance.

All of our liquid products run clean through any system leaving no residue on screens.

Reducing compaction, reducing costs

Let's face it, most turf managers simply don't have time to do the aeration necessary to reduce compaction, especially on athletic fields. It is recommended that a soccer field be aerated after 3-4 games. Often, they play this many games in a single day!

Growth Products offers some solutions to this problem. One is a biostimulant called Essential Plus 1-0-1, which has the correct ratio between humic acid and cold processed kelp that results in better rooting and healthier uptake of nutrients. We also sell another product called Re-Store Plus 3-0-2, which is a humic acid product with sulfur that helps breaks up compaction and improves color on your turf.

How we compare

We can run 85% slow release on our fertilizers with up to 30% nitrogen. We're above anybody else out there by a far margin with our proprietary and unique formulations. The Classic 18-3-6, which has a micronutrient package and is applied as foliar feed, bypasses pH issues, and is a commonly recommended product to solve many other turf issues.

We also offer Nitro-22 (22-0-0) with 40% SRN with a salt index of 6 that people are buying in bulk for less than $8 per gallon. At 5 gallons per acre that's only 40 bucks an acre, which is pretty good. The salt index on this product is only 6, while the salt index on our competitor's product is up to 60. So you're getting better quality, better control with less money. All of our fertilizers are technical grade and foliar.

It's fair to say we've got the game changer when it comes to offering safe, effective turf care products through fertigation at a fraction of the cost of applying traditional granular fertilizer applications.

Growth Products and fertigation are a perfect match for lower costs and better performance!