Summer Tees and Fairways

Nitro-30, BioNutrients Soluble 8-0-9, Recover RX (3-18-18)
June 2015

Do you pamper your greens, but neglect your fairways and tees?

The traditional approach to summer fairways and tees is to apply a slow-release granular fertilizer. But granulars are tedious and messy to apply, require extensive watering-in, and - worst of all - create cycles of surge growth that put superintendents and crews on a stressful and time-consuming roller-coaster ride.

Fortunately, superintendents can leave old practices behind and adopt a vastly improved summer program for fairways and tees. The summer tees and fairways program outlined below puts an emphasis on cost-effective, easy-to-apply liquid foliar products, liquid organics, and beneficial microbes.

Up, Down & All-Around

I'm sure you remember the mnemonic, "up, down and all-around", that you learned in Plant Nutrition 101 to help you remember the main roles of a N-P-K analysis. Taking some liberties, we have named this tees and fairways program the "Up, Down and & All-Around" Program, because its three main components focus on all areas of plant health and nutrition. Its additional organics and advanced delivery systems take the phrase to a whole new level.

“Up, Down, & All-Around” Program
For Summer Tees and Fairways


Nitro-30® SRN (30-0-0)
2 gallons
/ acre
UP: Nitro-30® feeds top growth with a proprietary methylene urea nitrogen polymer. This unique form of nitrogen is highly sticky, making it fasten to the leaf cuticle where it slowly and steadily breaks down and is absorbed by stomatal openings. It is not washed away by rain or irrigation, and will not leach or volatize. University studies have shown that it provides a better residual release than granular SRNs, or than liquid fertilizers with a quick release nitrogen.

BioNutrients Soluble
8 ounces
/ acre
DOWN: BioNutrients drastically improves soil microbial activity and, hence, root development. It contains three species of rhizosphere bacillus (B. subtilis, B. megaterium and B. licheniformis), wild yeast cultures, a natural wetting agent, L-amino acids, humic acids, kelp extracts, and other carbon-rich molecules. A dry soluble that dissolves quickly in water, BioNutrients combats summer stress and helps turf maintain an attractive green color.

Recover RX (3-18-18) with Salicylic Acid
1 gallon
/ acre
ALL-AROUND: Recover RX 3-18-18 has 8 oz. of salicylic acid per gallon, a P-to-K ratio of 1:1, and a blend of phosphorus sources that improve turf health and help turf withstand stressors such as extreme temperatures, drought, and disease. Foliar applications of Recover RX 3-18-18 supplement a turf's natural supply of salicylic acid, which boosts a plant's immune system (Induced Systemic Resistance, or ISR).


Time Saving and Crew Saving

Because it is an all-liquid program, it saves time and labor when it comes to application. With no heavy or messy granulars, one person, with a sprayer, can tackle the job alone. Some superintendents like to have a one-man crew spray for a few hours in the early morning. In just a few days of early morning sprays, an entire course can be covered without ever disturbing play.

Nitro-30 is 95% efficient, so it needs to be applied only every 4 to 6 weeks. With virtually no burn potential, it can be applied anytime and there's no need to water it in.

Mow Less, Stress Less

The program creates slow and even top growth that steadies your maintenance schedule, thus saving time and labor, when it comes to mowing. It keeps fairways and tees a healthy green all summer, and places a premium on healthy soil. By addressing every aspect of turf health, it also helps turf avoid disease and fight off decline when winter comes.

We would be glad to talk to you in more detail about this program or about other turf issues you have. Call us at (800) 648-7626, or email us at to tailor a plan just for you.