Getting a Good Start on the Growing Season

Essential Plus 1-0-1, Green Speed SI, Sodium Knockout, Companion Biological Fungicide, Re-Store Plus 3-0-2 and The Classic 18-3-6
March 2014

The weather this winter was brutal, so it's more important than ever for golf superintendents to get the growing season off to a good start. How to do that?

1) Focus on the foundation. Healthy roots are the foundation for healthy turf. Even though turf roots are not visible to the average Joe glancing at your course, as a turf professional you've probably developed a type of x-ray vision that lets you "see" the roots underneath your grass. When you look at vigorous, playable, emerald green turf you can almost feel the deep, well-branched roots underneath. Growth Products EssentialTM Plus 1-0-1 can strengthen your roots and keep it playable during summer stress, drought stress, and even disease stress.

2) Take advantage of high-quality organics. Junk food is no better for plants than it is for people. If you feed your turf with high-salt granular fertilizers loaded with fillers, neither you nor your turf will look or feel good. If instead you focus on high quality organics, such as Green-Speed SiTM and Sodium KnockOut 5-0-0, that nourish rather than weaken the roots.

3) Inoculate your root system with high-powered Bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis, strain GB03, is a beneficial soil bacteria whose metabolites encourage the development of exceptionally long and thick turf roots. It also enhances nutrient uptake and produces a broad-spectrum antibiotic that protects turf from disease-causing pathogens. Growth Products' Companion® Liquid Biological Fungicide has 55 billion spores of B. subtilis GB03 per gallon. Apply 1 gallon per acre, once a month, starting in early spring. The bacillus becomes active when soil temperatures reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above, but can be applied at any time. If it's too cold, the spores will remain dormant but will jump to life as soon as the soil warms up.

4) Provide your soil with the essential humic acid, amino acids, sea kelp and yucca extracts, natural rooting hormones, key enzymes and other organic amendments needed for top-flight turf. Essential Plus 1-0-1, applied monthly, is the industry's highest-quality, most complete package of beneficial soil amendments. It makes nutrients that were bound up in the soil available for plant uptake, feeds important soil microbes, rejuvenates soil structure, stimulates seed germination and root growth, and reduces excess salinity in soils. It also allows turf to better weather environmental stress and tournament wear and tear.

5) Don't forget the fairways. To keep your fairways in the best shape possible, apply Re-Store Plus 3-0-2 with 10% Humic Acid. An all-in-one product, designed at the request of golf superintendents across the county. Re-Store Plus improves soil structure and gives turf a quick green-up without flush growth. It also accelerates seed germination, making it ideal for overseeding or for filling in pivot holes. Highly economical, Re-Store Plus knits the turf together for better playability and also improves fairway turf's ability to fight off disease.

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