Wild Spring Weather For Citrus Groves

Keeping Groves Healthy with Recover Rx 3-18-18

It's been a wild spring in Florida this year, with spurts of cold weather in both March and April. Our citrus trees were as confused as we were, and responded with a long drawn-out bloom period. As I write this, many trees still have open blooms, along with pin-head sized fruit and larger fruit.

To make the most of this spring's unusual bloom pattern, you should consider integrating Growth Products' Recover Rx 3-18-18 into your spray program. This will provide your citrus grove with the benefits of Recover Rx's liquid salicylic acid and with much-needed phosphorus, both of which will help keep your citrus trees healthy and productive, even in the face of greening.

Why Recover Rx?

Recover Rx is a multi-tasking product that reduces fruit drop, increases fruit set, and boosts fruit size. It also improves the overall health and vigor of trees, helps trees withstand environmental stresses, and enhances a plant's disease resistance. Applied pre- and post-bloom, with summer oil, and in late fall, Recover Rx will help see you through to a superior harvest this winter.

What is Recover Rx, and how does it work?

Recover Rx 3-18-18 is a special liquid N-P-K product that goes far beyond traditional fertilizers. With 8 oz. of salicylic acid per gallon, an ideal P to K ratio of 1:1, and a proprietary blend of phosphorus sources, Recover Rx is exactly what the doctor ordered.

One of its key components, salicylic acid (SA), is a plant hormone that is produced in small quantities by all plants. The active ingredient in aspirin, SA is found in very high concentrations in willow trees. In fact, it takes its name from Salix, the botanical name for willow. The beneficial aspects of SA on plant health have been known for centuries. It has a significant impact on plant growth and development, improves photosynthesis, increases ion uptake and transport, and activates a plant's natural immune system to fight plant pathogens.

A foliar application of Recover Rx, tank-mixed as part of your regular spray program, supplements a plant's natural but limited supply of salicylic acid, giving plants an extra boost. But that's not all that Recover Rx provides…

Recover Rx & Greening

In Florida, Huanglongbing disease (citrus greening) has become a fact of life. Many grove managers who have successfully contended with greening in the last several years have been using salicylic acid (either in the form of Recover Rx or by using a 10% SA solution) as part of an on-going foliar nutrition program. These nutrition programs have also been high in readily available phosphorus.

Recent research has confirmed a suspected link between phosphorus and citrus greening. A research paper(1), published last month in Molecular Plant Advance Access, said that phosphorus deficiency was linked to HLB disease symptoms during a 3-year field trial in south-west Florida, and that applying phosphorus solutions to citrus trees helps reduce HLB symptoms. A foliar application of Recover Rx provides phosphorus, along with salicylic acid, making it ideal for use by grove managers. What's more, the multiple phosphorus sources in Recover Rx are quickly absorbed through a tree's leaves and stems, so that the phosphorus can quickly correct a deficiency.

(1) "Small RNA Profiling Reveals Phosphorus Deficiency as a Contributing Factor in Symptom Expression for Citrus Huanglongbing Disease," Zhao, Sun, Albrecht, et al.; Molecular Plant Advance Access; published Feb. 14, 2013.