Turf Recovery After A Harsh Winter

Essential Plus 1-0-1
May 2015

As we come out of a harsh winter, including monthly applications of the organic biostimulant, Essential® Plus 1-0-1, in your standard practices will have a tremendously beneficial impact on your turfgrass. But don't just take our word for it. Instead, let's take a look at the research on biostimulants and review some of the facts about Essential.


In their seminal article, "Questions and Answers About Biostimulants," R.E. Schmidt, E.H. Ervin, and Xunzhong Zhang - all Ph.D.s, - synthesized ten years of data gathered from field, greenhouse and laboratory studies.(1) They defined a biostimulant as an organic material that enhances plant growth and development, above and beyond a traditional plant nutrient. Conclusively, they pinpointed that understanding how biologically active materials impact turfgrass metabolism, allows superintendents to condition turfgrasses to more advantageously endure environmental stress.

Two of the materials they focused on were seaweed and humic acid. The article emphasized the importance of using high-quality seaweed extracts from cold water environments, and also pointed out that humic acids' auxin content and ability to chelate iron and other inorganic nutrients were key performance factors.

One chart that caught my attention, when I first read the article, is reproduced below. It shows the effects of seaweed and humic acid on leaf moisture and root mass of Penncross. The take-away is, applied alone, both seaweed and humic acid increase leaf moisture and turf root mass compared to the control, whereas used together there is an exponential increase in their efficacy.

Source: Questions and answers about biostimulants, by R.E. Schmidt, Ph.D.; E.H. Ervin, Ph.D.; and Xunzhong Zhang, Ph.D., in GCM, June 2003, p.92.


Essential Facts

Growth Products' Essential Plus 1-0-1 contains the highest quality seaweed extract, derived from North Atlantic kelp. And its humic acid is derived from the highest quality Leonardite. But that's just the start. In Essential, the ratio of humic acid to kelp is 60:1, which is the ideal ratio initially identified by Dr. T.L. Senn of Clemson University.

In addition to seaweed and humic acid, Essential contains 18 other key ingredients including yucca extract, gibberellic acid, lignin, ash and calcium, plus 21 L-amino acids. It is, by far, the most complete liquid biostimulant product you can buy, which is why golf superintendents throughout the U.S. and around the globe, rely on it.

We would be glad to help you design a comprehensive turf nutrition program that will meet your needs and budget, and to explain where Essential comes into play. Just contact us (914) 428-1316 or Questions@GrowthProducts.com .

In the meantime, we encourage you to do further reading (Biostimulating turfgrasses, by Xunzhong Zhang and Richard Schmidt, found at http://www.grounds-mag.com/mag/grounds_maintenance_biostimulating_turfgrasses/ is a great start) and to learn more about Essential on the Growth Products website.