Lessons from a Marathon Runner

November 2013

For most runners, a pair of running shoes gets a lot of use. And with prices of a quality shoe hitting $150+, it's more important than ever to get your money's worth out of each shoe. Even with cheaper shoes out there, many top runners stick with Adidas running shoes because they know they can get around 1,000 miles out of each pair. Other shoes, like Nike, Pearl Izumi and Saucony are great, but only endure 250-500 miles before the soles lose their bounce and the tread starts to fade. In the long run, it just isn't worth buying two or three pairs of shoes when you know one pair of Adidas will outlive them all.

It's not really a quantum leap to think about your fertilizers, micronutrients and organic supplements in the same way, specifically Growth Products. We talk to a lot of our customers that have used our products for years and years because they see the results. Some have told us that they switched to try another brand, maybe because of price, and did not get the same consistent results, so they came right back to Growth Products! And they know why…. consistency, quality and reliability. It is like a comfortable fitting shoe that goes the miles.

And just like running shoes, there are a lot of knock-off and cheap foreign products on the market. Most runners would never trust a pair of knock-offs to protect their joints during a 26.2 mile race, so why do some growers trust their entire harvest with a no name fertilizer? Growth Products has 25+ years of experience and meets or exceeds standards around the world:

  • Meets the national AAFPCO standards for heavy metals and test our products on a regular basis to be sure that we do not have any unwanted heavy metals.
  • Uses raw materials from American producers.
  • Avoids any materials that will cause harm to the soil and delicate roots.
  • Avoids any municipal waste materials.
  • Has ZERO detectable chlorides in our products which translates into better agronomic results.
  • Uses the purest source of potassium from potassium carbonate.
  • Uses proprietary slow release nitrogen that allows you to apply less Nitrogen with better results.
  • Good for the environment.

Shoes fit differently for every person, and plants need specialized nutrition and care, which is why it is important to have a professional help you build the perfect nutrient plan for your plants. Located worldwide, Growth Products Nutrient Specialist and distributors understand your local soil, climate and plants and know what it takes to make them bigger and stronger. No guessing, just 25+ years of experience. Give them a call today at (800) 648-7626 to build your perfect plan.