Growth Products has the Key to Beautiful Trees

Sodium Knockout®, BioNutrients Total Pak® with Mycorrhizal Technology, and Companion® Biological Fungicide
November 2015

Recently we attended the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) convention In Keystone, Colorado. The convention was a huge success, and the backdrop was spectacular. The aspen trees were changing colors, the countryside was vibrant with yellow and orange, and the weather, perfect.

On our drive back, we could not help but think how important tree care is to the ecosystem. It's a bellwether for how we manage our environment and it makes a huge statement about the culture we live in. Taking care of trees is imperative, and is a rapidly growing industry.

Roots to Shoots, Understanding Tree Care

There are many facets to proper tree care, and nutrient feeding is one of the most crucial elements. Tree selection, soil types and water quality will naturally influence what types of nutrients are best for your trees. But most arborists agree that in addition to proper N-P-K nutrient feeding and disease control, minor additives (micronutrients, microbial soil amendments, etc.) are needed for growing and maintaining beautiful and vigorous trees.

Growth Products recognized this early on, and has developed and manufactured products for the arbor industry for more than 25 years. Its products are widely used by professional arborists as well as landscapers, sports turf managers, farmers and individual property owners. The range of products is quite extensive, and I would recommend that you go to our website and review the list of environmentally friendly fertilizers, micros, biological controls, and other tree care solutions that fit your needs and are best for the region of the country where you live.

When on the web site, be sure to look at Growth Products' various pre-mix options that can work as stand-alone products, or be tank-mixed with other products. These pre-mix solutions are for foliar feeding, or can be used for soil drenching. They are low in salt content, provide chelated micros, and are void of chlorides. Additionally, using our natural organic soil amendment and root stimulator, Essential® Plus 1-0-1, improves nutrient uptake and provides other beneficial ingredients such as humic acids, amino acids, simple and complex sugars, yucca extracts, kelp extracts, not typically found in micros or NPK products.

Arbor Care Innovations

Growth Products is proactive, research and development is a key part of our business and we strive to continue introducing new products to meet the demands of the Arbor industry. Some of our newer products include Sodium Knockout®; BioNutrients Total Pak® with Mycorrhizal Technology; and Companion® Biological Fungicide in a convenient soluble powder.

Sodium Knockout® is a calcium drench product with a natural wetting agent that drives the calcium into the root profile. Due to the extensive use of grey or effluent water for irrigation in many metropolitan areas, as well as in smaller communities, arborists are increasingly concerned about the buildup of harmful salts. Sodium Knockout® will reduce salt build-ups in soils and will improve conditions for all plant life.
BioNutrients Total-Pak Injectable is a complete micronutrient package which includes beneficial microbes and seven strains of endomycorhrizal and ectomycorrhizal fungi. When colonized in the soil, the microbes and fungi help trees quickly become established, and keep them healthy.
Companion® Biological Fungicide Wettable Powder is a biofungicide that is an OMRI-listed (certified for organic production) product used for both foliar and root protection, against a broad spectrum of diseases.

For information on which products will work best for you, contact the Growth Products representative in your area. In the meantime, don't forget to hug a tree!