Restoring Soil Biological Balance

Companion Biological Fungicide, Essential Plus Organic 1-0-1, Recover RX 3-18-18, MicroTech CT 4-0-0
October 2014

Farmers in the Midwest harvested a bumper crop of apples this year, due, in part, to favorable weather conditions. At Growth Products we can't do much about the weather, but we can do something about the condition of plants and soil to help you achieve the best results.

As you're well aware, soil can become depleted of nutrients and become biologically out of balance from years of farming the same land. This is especially important in an orchard where, on average, a tree can take years before it is mature enough to produce marketable fruit.

Apple OrchardAt Growth Products we help fruit growers and other farmers restore this balance by first examining the overall health of the soil. Through soil tests from our preferred lab, we can help you determine what program of soil recovery and enhancement is needed.

Our low salt fertility program and patented products produced by our own research team works to enhance the nutrients and biology of the plants and soil.

Some plant exudates that are released from the roots and leaves of plants can become food for detrimental plant pathogens. Companion® Biological Fungicide feeds off these exudates, depriving food for harmful disease pathogens and forming a symbiotic exchange with the plant.

Companion is an all natural biological fungicide that contains Bacillus subtilis GB03, a naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, that prevents and controls a broad spectrum of root and foliar diseases, such as root rot, blight, wilt, bottom and stem rot, and bacterial leaf spot.

Microbes in the soil feed and protect the plant. As a biostimulant, with the most ingredients that mimic nature, Essential® Plus 1-0-1 provides a host of organic nourishment that supports good microbial activity.

Essential is an organic product that goes beyond synthetic fertilizers by providing much needed organic compounds and biostimulants every plant needs. It is great to apply at the time of seeding or as an early soil application to "wake up" the microbes in perennial crops.

Both Companion and Essential work to enhance, rather than deplete, the structure and biology of the soil.

Plant leaf area (phyllosphere) biology is important as well, that's why we recommend a foliar application of Companion and Essential at 14 day intervals. Apply these products before bud and during bud break to enhance flowering. After flowering, use Companion and Recover RX 3-18-18 with salicylic acid, plus a micronutrient application, such as MicroTech CT, to keep the leaf cleaner and the plant healthier.

Geraldton Waxflower showed remarkable root growth in a short period of time with applications of application of Recover Rx

Recover RX 3-18-8 with salicylic acid (SA) contains a unique blend of phosphorous sources. It is a liquid solution that encourages plant growth, improves plant vigor, and rejuvenates stressed trees and shrubs. The ingredients in Recover RX work synergistically to activate a plant's natural immune system so that the plant can better fight disease and withstand environmental stress. This well documented phenomenon is known as Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR).

MicroTech CT 4-0-0 with Jasmonic Acid can prevent and quickly correct common deficiencies in the plant and soil by helping the plant to regulate growth and development. What makes this product superior to other soil enhancement products is the concentrated plant biostimulants, beneficial organic ingredients that make up MicroTech CT will ensure fast nutrient uptake, enhance plant hardiness, improve photosynthesis, and provide increased resistance to adverse environmental conditions, such as extreme heat and drought.

Smart growers like you understand that plant health is more complex than just providing "quick fixes" for short term results. To grow a successful crop year after year requires an understanding of the biological processes of both soil and plants.

At Growth Products we'll work with you to optimize these biological processes so you can grow your best crop, with the least amount of product, saving you time and money.