A Proven Program for Berries

At Growth Products our goal is to help you produce the best plant growth and the best crops possible. For a berry crop that will make you proud, we recommend our proven berry nutrition program.

Our Berry Program systematically addresses every need for growing blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and other soft berries. Moreover, Growth Products Nutrition Specialists can review the program with you one-on-one, answer your questions, and tweak the program for your soil type, climate, or special needs.

I'll review several key components of the program here, explaining how each product contributes to a successful berry crop.

Essential® Plus 1-0-1. Essential® is one of the cornerstones of the program, and is used from the beginning to the end of the crop cycle. Applied as a spray or drench, this liquid powerhouse initiates and stimulates root growth, improves root branching, and enhances nutrient uptake. Essential's humic acids, L-amino acids, kelp extracts, phytohormones, another organic ingredients also help with blossom formation and fruit set, and increase crop yields.

Companion® Biological Fungicide. "Companion provides a broad spectrum of disease prevention, control and suppression throughout the life cycle of berry plants. It's modes of action are fairly amazing - be sure not to miss our video featured on our website to find out more."

Nitro-22. Nitro-22 (22-0-0) is an ideal nitrogen source for berry production. It has 40% slow-release nitrogen for a steady N supply, and 60% water soluble ammonium sulfate for quick growth at key stages of the plant's life cycle. Nitro-22 has a very low salt index so that it does not burn foliage or degrade soils, and it does not contain the harmful nitrates found in most quick-release forms of nitrogen.

Recover Rx 3-18-18 with SA (Salicylic Acid). Recover Rx provides three important elements to plant nutrition: Phosphorus, Potassium, & Salicylic Acid. As a plant nutrient, Phosphorus is second in importance only to Nitrogen, it plays a key role in photosynthesis, respiration, root development, energy storage, and bloom set. During the fruit set and growth stages, berries need especially high levels of potassium, which increases the berries' Brix and is important for creating that "berry good" flavor that everyone craves. (Have you ever bitten into a big, beautiful strawberry to find that it had hardly any flavor? If so, you can bet the strawberry plant wasn't given enough pre-harvest potassium.) Finally, the salicylic acid (SA) in Recover Rx supplements a plant's natural levels of SA, which is crucial in helping plants withstand environmental stresses.

MicoTech CT 4-0-0 with JA (Jasmonic Acid). MicroTech CT contains seven essential micronutrients, all of which are fully chelated so that they can quickly correct or prevent deficiencies. MicroTech CT also contains the natural plant hormone jasmonic acid and other plant biostimulants which increase Brix, increase a plant's resistance to adverse environment conditions, regulate a plant's response to wounds, and improve overall crop vigor.

Our berry program hits all the bases, is easy to follow, and can be customized to fit your special situation. What is there not to love?