Jump Start Planting Program for Vegetables and Fruit

Bloomtastic Starter Plus 8-32-5, Essential Plus Organic 1-0-1, Companion Biological Fungicide
September 2014

Around September, it finally starts to cool off in Florida and it's time to set out transplants that have been growing in the greenhouses. Like sending a kid off to college with a backpack and the latest tech gadget, you want your transplants - peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, and lettuce - to have all they need to succeed in the outdoor environment.

At Growth Products we have what you need to grow healthy, robust transplants all in one program. It's a program that will work anywhere.

It's called the Jump Start Planting Program for vegetables and soft fruit.Jump Start Program

As any farmer knows, it's a numbers game. If we set out 1000 transplants, we want a 1000 to succeed, not 900. And unlike a backyard garden, it's not practical to go back and replant. So, we need to have all the tools at our disposal before transplanting to the field.

With our Jump Start Planting Program we provide the best solutions to keep the mortality rate low and profits high. Not only at planting time, but further down the road when disease and insects threaten our crop.

Thanks to our Growth Products research and development team, responsible for our signature formulations, so popular and lucrative with citrus growers, we have what you need to be successful.

Bloomtastic Starter Plus 8-32-5 - Bloomtastic will ease the transition from a cushy greenhouse to the field by providing a full micronutrient package which helps prevent transplant shock and ensures healthy root development. Our low salt, slow release fertilizer will get your plants off to a good start without worry of burning your fledgling seedlings.

Essential® Plus Organic 1-0-1 - Ensure vigorous bud set and fruit maturation with our proprietary blend, Essential, that contains the natural building blocks for healthy plant growth and development. Essential’s unique, effective formulation is very popular with growers here in Florida and is used by certified organic farmers, groves, and nurseries. It is derived from potassium humate, 20 natural L-amino acids, enzymes, simple and complex sugars, vitamins, kelp extracts, carbohydrates, hydrolyzed organic proteins, a natural wetting agent, and natural biostimulants.

Companion® Biological Fungicide - As any grower knows, prevention is the key to ward off disease in the field and at Growth Products we’ve got you covered—or should I say “we have your plants covered. “ Coat them with Companion and you’ll be amazed at how well it works at keeping fungus problems in check.  Companion is an environmentally sound fungicide and is very effective at preventing fungal infection in transplants. Independent trials have shown it will help prevent the development of pesticide resistance and also has one of the lowest REI in the industry. Start using Companion and you’ll quickly see how Growth Products is revolutionizing how we view disease control.

Our Jump Start Planting Program for vegetables and soft fruit is suitable for any large or small growing operation. In fact, we can help tailor a program for your specific needs. Contact a Growth Products distributor today to see how you can get a “jump start” on your transplants and hopefully “jump start” your profits!