At Growth Products Essential is "the song of the soil".
Essential Plus 1-0-1

This time of year, thoughts turn to big bowls of hearty soup. There's nothing like homemade vegetable beef soup or thick cream of chicken soup to satisfy your hunger.

To make soup, you get a big pot, put in your meat and vegetables, add stock and seasonings, then turn on the heat. As the pot heats up and the mixture simmers, the magic happens. Chunks of meat and vegetables meld with the other ingredients, and soon become a rich and nourishing soup. Without the right ingredients, timing, heat, and tender loving care, all you have is watery product.

Essential is Cooked Up By Our 'Executive Chef'

Creating Essential Plus® 1-0-1 Organic Liquid Soil Amendment is much like making soup, but on a much larger scale. To make Essential®, premium organic ingredients are brought to very high temperatures, at specific time intervals, before being cooled. The result is a rich organic soil amendment packed with nutrients and biostimulants.

But here's another key: our 'Executive Chef' is able to include a very large quantity of ingredients in the solution. Growth Products is one of the very few companies that can pack that many different raw materials into Essential's guaranteed analysis. Essential contains more ingredients than any other competitive product.

Building Blocks for Optimal Nutrition

With 18 ingredients and 20 L-amino acids, 100% organic Essential Plus is packed with important building blocks for plant and soil health.

As the graph shows. it contains kelp, humic acid, natural rooting hormones, yucca extract, key vitamins and enzymes, simple and complex carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium, iron, and more.

Essential® also contains the ideal 60:1 ratio of humic acid to kelp, allowing these key biostimulants to work in optimal synergy.

Proven Research, Proven Results

If you haven't tried Essential, you are missing out! University research studies in the United States - and thousands of return customers in 27 countries world-wide - show that Essential Plus® gives proven results. Used as a drench or foliar spray, Essential Plus has the following benefits:

  • Promotes root growth and root elongation on all plants, from short Bermuda grass to towering tupelos
  • Ensures faster and better seed germination
  • Builds healthy soils by providing food for beneficial soil microbes and important organics -even compacted urban soils can be transformed by Essential®
  • Increases a soil's nutrient holding capacity
  • Improves plant physiology to increase branching, blooms, and overall plant health
  • Reduces environmental stress on turf, trees, and shrubs.

In an old cookbook, Louis DeGouy said "soup is the song of the hearth." At Growth Products Essential is "the song of the soil." It certainly gives soils and plants a boost, just like a big bowl of hot soup on a crisp fall day.