Can Your Putting Greens Catch A Summer Cold?
Companion® Biological Fungicide

Ever had a summer cold? Doesn't it just feel 'wrong'?

It's warm out. The days are long. Maybe you're out relaxing, and wham! You catch a cold. How can that happen to you?

People can get sick for lots of reasons. But usually it boils down to a compromised immune system. Kids' activities have you running? Work stressing you out? Maybe you enjoyed your Memorial Day BBQ, a bit too much?

Or just trying to squeeze too much 'fun' into too little free time. It all adds up. What should be summer bliss, may be wearing you out! It can happen with your summer turf too.

And especially golf course turf. Summer stresses wear down the turf's immune system just like ours. And once that happens, tees and greens become vulnerable to summer diseases...

Summer Stress Diseases
This is your high season. And probably the worst time of year from a maintenance perspective. Dry weather means your turf roots need to be even more resilient. Greens need to bounce back faster after every cut. And plants need to make the best use of all the products you're applying.

Under the summer conditions on a golf course, with members' expectations high, increased play levels and the extreme weather, you need to anticipate plant needs before they even happen.

Bottom line -- When your turf is under stress, it becomes more susceptible to disease.

Look to the Roots
The strength to resist disease starts with the foundation - strong roots means a strong and healthy plant. Deep, well branched roots help to tolerate the summer stresses. Reduce grass wilt and improve turf vigor.

To get the roots working at their highest efficiency, you need clear pathways for efficient nutrient uptake. Companion Biological Fungicide contains a Rhizosphere bacteria, Bacillus subtilis GB03, which 'cleans up' turf roots and also releases hormones to stimulate root branching and increased length. Rhizosphere bacteria live in the area around the root hairs.

It is important to optimize all nutrients and water that are available. And because your course's sand base naturally sheds water, the heat and dry of the summer months is doubly hard on golf turf.

greens devestated by Pythium
Hawaii greens with Pythium
The greens at this prestigious golf course were devastated by Pythium Root Rot. In large areas, over 50% of the turf was
brown and dead.
The roots were largely killed off as well, with less than ½" of root growth. It was so bad, the turfgrass could be peeled up like paper.
New root growth
Healthy golf course
One month after the first application of Companion, the turf in its recovery period. Most dramatic is the 3" of new root growth that developed after 30 days.
The "Happy Ending": The beautiful and healthy golf course as it is today.

Prevention and Control
The result of increased stresses and your turf's reduced immune system can result in diseases like:
Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia spp.)
Summer Patch (Magnaporthe poae)
Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia)
Fusarium Patch (Fusarium nivale)
Pythium spp.

Stem & Root Rot (Phytophthora)

Applying Companion is like a shot of prevention for the immune system every month.
It can:

  • Stimulate the plants own defenses - Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR)
  • 100% organic and safe. Re-entry (REI) in 0 - 4 hours
  • Pathogens will not build resistance to a biological fungicide
  • Stimulate better growth and rooting as a Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacterium (PGPR)
  • Release enzymes into the soil to free up minor elements for uptake

As a biological fungicide, Companion controls disease, by:

  • Competing directly against soil pathogens at the root level, with good bacteria
  • Producing antibiotics that kill pathogens
  • Surviving under extreme conditions
  • Thriving over a wide temperature range, 45 - 113 degrees
  • Low phytotoxicity

Prevention and resistance -- the 1-2 punch for summer relief.

Increase Uptake of All Your Applied Products
Companion Biological Fungicide works fine on its own for broad spectrum disease control. Safe to handle and easy to use, Companion Biological Fungicide tank blends with most high quality amendments. And will also increase the uptake and efficiency of fertilizers, micronutrients, herbicides and other products you're applying on your turf. Even most chemical fungicides.

Daily play, weekend volumes or tournament play -- You want your tee boxes recovering quickly. Companion even aids divot repair germination. Or if you're concerned about the short cut on your greens, let Companion support healthy, consistent greens, right through the summer.

Use Companion to control or prevent all your summer stress diseases.

And watch where you're coughing... people may have some vacation time coming up...