Does warm milk help you sleep better?

Arbor Care 15-8-4 and Autumn Care 6-12-12

We all have our nighttime rituals...

Check the doors. Let the dog / cat in or out. Give the kids a kiss goodnight. Brush our teeth. Open the window. Turn the nightlight on...

We are all a little different, but you know what's essential. Whatever it takes to ensure a restful sleep.

What are your essential autumn steps to ensure a successful winter rest?

Recover from Heat and Drought

Summer can get trees a bit stressed out. And this summer's drought has hit hard across so much of the nation.

We need a plan to recover from these stresses. And strengthen both the roots and the plants for dormancy.

The nutrition needed to accomplish this includes slow release nitrogen (SRN) plus micros. Growth Products' Arbor Care 15-8-4 with 40% Slow Release Nitrogen Plus Micronutrients will restore your tree's late summer health.

Arbor Care 15-8-4
a has a great NPK ratio and 4 chelated micros. Chelated micros are readily available for absorption. Micros like copper, iron, manganese and zinc.

Depending on the tree's needs and your fertilizing regimen, Arbor Care 15-8-4 can be used for root injection or sprayed foliarly. It mixes well with alkaline or acid, nutrients or pesticides. For evergreens and deciduous alike.

Condition the Soil Sure
it's been said it before, but healthy soil and healthy roots make healthy plants. Use Growth Products'Essential Plus 1-0-1 to condition the soil. The humic acid, amino acids and sugars in Essential Plus provide all the building blocks for long steady growth. And steady stress recovery.

Enhance the Roots
Strong roots are the key to energy storage. Healthy roots are more efficient for storage and stress recovery. You want your tree roots at their best before winter.

Storing Energy for Spring
A healthy spring begins with smart fall planning. Growth Products' Autumn Care 6-12-12 with 40% Slow Release Nitrogen ensures your trees aren't 'hungry' for essential nutrients when they begin the spring renewal.

You also don't want the tree to push lush growth into late fall. So a 1:2:2 NPK ration meets the tree's fall phosphorus and potassium needs. And slow release nitrogen means nitrogen is available as needed, but residual and steady.

An Autumn Care 6-12-12 application is ideal for before the freeze. From late summer to early winter.

Strengthen the Plant for Winter
Don't forget winter has its own kind of drought. Less moisture available from the soil. And often drying winds.

Consider too, including Growth Products' BioNutrient Total-Pak Injectable for Trees with mycorrhizae or Micrel Total 5-0-0 for extra chelated micro needs. As a preventative measure or in answer to tissue testing.

All these Growth Products have low salt indices, very low phyto-toxicity. And mix easily with other nutrients and pesticides.

You want the plant to efficiently use or store all available nutrients and get ready for bed.

Fall fertilization for your trees ensures they have everything they need to recover from summer stress, prepare for winter dormancy and facilitate efficient energy storage, ready for the spring.