Weekend Warriors Can Bring It On, Your Athletic Fields Are Ready

Re-Store Plus 3-0-2 and Essential Plus 1-0-1

All of us have played sports at one time or another. Maybe you play some ball after work or on the weekend, or were watching the kids in a game. Or you were lucky enough to catch the pros recently.

We all appreciate the playability of well-maintained athletic fields, fairways and greens.

As the person responsible for the condition of those fields, you know how a round robin tournament, extreme weather and irregular maintenance can add up to bad field conditions. And player safety is the major concern.

The effects of wear and tear on athletic fields are obvious. Some sports, like soccer, can wear bare spots on a regular basis. Not to mention tee boxes and the effects of cart traffic.

Compaction Is The Big One

Sport turf's biggest problem is soil compaction and forming of a hard surface. This leads to poor water use and slow damage recovery. And ultimately, reduced playability.

And often the grass roots often aren't deep enough to endure and rebound quickly either.

With restricted budgets and time, how do you counter these conditions?

Aeration is always good

Aeration will do so much for the health of your sports fields. But how often can a school or municipality can pull it off? Not to mention the aesthetics of your course or athlete safety on high performance fields?

So what are your options?

Growth Products' Re-Store Plus™ is your solution. Healthy turf resists disease and makes the best use of the water you apply. The ingredients in Re-Store Plus™, like humic acid and amino acids, add organic matter which works against soil compaction.

Always aerate when you can. But used regularly - humic acid'll break up the soil. Growth Products' Essential® Plus also supplies humic acid to your turf.

Humic acid increases fertilizer uptake by 35%. With a neutral pH, Essential® Plus unlocks all the natural nutrients in the soil and mixes easily with other fertilizers.

But ultimately, root depth is the secret to it all.

Poor Core Samples

If you'd seen the turf core samples we've taken from some athletic fields, you'd be shocked. We've seen a ¼ inch or a ½ inch of roots. And even a couple inches is pretty common.

With Essential® Plus and Re-Store Plus™ - we've seen them go from 2 inches to 8 inches of healthy root depth in one year.

Essential® Plus has the exact ratio of kelp and humic acid for turf health. It means increased root growth and increased nutrient uptake for the entire plant.

And the kelp in Essential® Plus broadens the leaf system to reduce the occurrence of bare spots. Like comparing cheap carpet next to the good stuff.

Increase the availability of water, oxygen and nutrients in your root zone. Whether you're concerned about drought stress on your putting greens or high traffic areas on your sports fields.

Essential® Plus contains powerful root growth stimulators that create strong, healthy roots. With deep, dense roots, turf grasses will resist damage and bounce back sooner after play. The biostimulant in Essential® Plus accelerates germination for overseeding.

Minimum 3 Times Per Year

Ideally you want to use these products often. Use them at least 3 times a year - spring, summer and early Fall. It'll make a world of difference.

OMRI certified organic Essential® Plus increases germination and blade and root growth. Re-Store Plus™ rejuvenates the soil.

Coverage is easy. Essential® Plus and Re-Store Plus™ - for maintenance you only need 3 oz. / 1,000 sq. ft., or a gallon per acre, of each.

Let Growth Products' Essential® Plus and Re-Store Plus™ reverse soil compaction, increase your nutrient uptake and overall strengthen all your sports turf.