Why Foliar?

Nitro-30 SRN 30-0-0 and Essential® Plus 1-0-1

Chances are, if you've had a recent annual dental checkup, and need a little work...

Your dentist will recommend one of 3 choices. What you have to get done. What you should get done. Or the complete package.

Budgeting for your dental work is an important consideration. If you do half the job now, you'll have to go back for more appointments. And unfortunately, may have to re-do some of the basics.

So, what's the best long term value? For both your money - and your precious time? And what's the best plan for your health?

It gets you thinking... What is the best long term, nutritional value plan -- for your crops?

You also need to budget your fertilizer usage. And determine what will get you the best yields, and highest quality crops.

We Suggest the Foliar Route
Foliar isn't just an emergency response. Though it is perfect for healing damage or stress reduction.

Foliar allows nutrients be put exactly where you need them.

Or you can address a specific nutrient or micro shortage.

Or even push a yield from good to excellent. And when you are growing a high quality, specialty crop - foliars can be an especially useful tool to ensure top production.

Nitrogen - Immediate And Consistent
Most nutrients and micros can be applied by foliar. But of the big three, N-P-K, nitrogen gives the most dramatic, positive growth effect.

You want immediate response to a nitrogen application. Growth Products' Nitro-30 SRN 30-0-0, by foliar, is the way to go. Trans-cuticle absorption is the most immediate uptake. It's like spoon feeding your nitrogen.

Nitro-30 provides slow release nitrogen (SRN) for consistent nitrogen at critical growth stages.

With a foliar liquid application, there is lower weather reliance than with granular breakdown or other applications.

As a bonus, Nitro-30 is extremely sticky, so you don't need an extra sticking agent when mixing with your other applications. It does well in warm weather, and rain is no problem.

It stays 8 to 10 weeks, for full, consistent absorption. Your plants respond from just one application. No volatilization, no leaching. In contrast, urea can have 10, 20, 30...to 40% loss.

And Nitro-30 is very safe. Low burn, low phyto-toxicity. An ultra low salt index.

High PPM For Weeks
If you're growing California grapes, you're aiming for 500 ppm nitrogen in your plants. Nitro-30 can provide a consistent 400-1050 ppm over 8 - 10 weeks from just one spray application.

100%, all of the nitrogen you apply - gets there..

Considering the high nitrogen availability and its formulation efficiency - it would take more than 7 times as much liquid urea to match the usable nitrogen available from Nitro-30.

Nitrogen Source
Nitrogen Pounds/gal
Efficiency per gallon multiplier
Total amount of Usable N per gallon
Volume needed to match usable N
Nitro-30 30-0-0
3.1 Lbs. N
15.5- 21.7 Lbs. N
1 Gallon
Urea Liquid 21-0-0
2.1 Lbs. N
2.1 Lbs. N
7.4 - 10.3 gallons

Nitro-30 mixes easily with other applications - fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides. Even elicitor enhancers - like jasmonic acid.

Fruit Set And Sizing
Did you know? - Growth Products' Essential® Plus Organic 1-0-1 can be applied foliar too! Benefit from all Essential┬« Plus's biostimulant effects such as pollination enhancement and reduced fruit drop. Address your concerns about fruit sizing and fruit set.

Whether you work with watermelon, tomatoes or peppers, you're already concerned with cell elongation. Maximize it with Essential® Plus' gibberellins and cytokines.

And at the end of season, use foliar Essential® Plus to optimize color and increase brix, especially in grapes.

Why Foliar?
Directed, specific and immediate. Results.

Foliar is a very efficient and economical method of applying high quality, low salt nutrients and additives.

A foliar application of nitrogen from Growth Products' Nitro-30 means excellent value. Remember, if you use anything else, you'll need multiple applications for the same usable nitrogen.

And, at the very least, plan to get your teeth checked and cleaned this year!