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BioNutrients AG 8-1-9 (Organic)

Proven to Improve Crop Biomass Naturally

BioNutrients Soluble AG 8-1-9 is a natural, microbial-based crop solution derived from pure organic plant ingredients, minerals and naturally occurring soil bacteria. BioNutrients is far superior to inorganic high nitrogen fertilizers with fillers, nitrate and ammonium and other ingredients that can damage or burn crops.

Greenhouse trials on squash have shown that application of BioNutrients along with inorganic nitrogen significantly increased plant crop mass and bud formation as compared to both control plants and those that received only inorganic nitrogen. This is due to the fact that BioNutrients contains a high concentration of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) that enhance plant growth by a wide variety of mechanisms like phosphate solubilization, in general promoting beneficial plant-microbe symbioses. This synergistic effect allows for better uptake of nutrients, growth promotion through stabilized root systems and pathogen resistance among other benefits.

Figure 1
Figure 2

56 squash seedlings were reared under greenhouse mixture (control group). Two groups were given inorganic nitrogen sources and one group was given an inorganic nitrogen source along with BioNutrients and then tested every 10 days.

When compared with control plants and plants given inorganic nitrogen only, the plants that received BioNutrients Soluble AG 8-1-9 significantly increased their dry mass (Figure 1) and number of buds (Figure 2) and even the magnesium content in their plant leaves.

BioNutrients Key Features and Benefits

A Powerhouse of Nutrients for:

  • Enhanced Growth
  • Stronger Rooting
  • Improved Nutrient Absorption
  • Defends against harmful pathogens
  • Activated Enzyme and Protein Synthesis
  • Naturally balances soil pH
  • Reduces Soil Compaction
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    Leaf Manganese

    The squash study conducted at Laval University showed a tremendous increase in leaf Manganese. Plants that were given Bionutrients had over triple the amount of Manganese than the control group (Figure 3). Manganese plays a vital role in photosynthesis and influences uptake and assimilation of other nutrients in the plant. Sufficient manganese influences crop health by accelerating germination of early season seed and development.

    A Bevy Of Benefits For Crops

    BioNutrients Soluble AG is derived from only pure ingredients, with all organic plant, mineral and naturally occurring soil bacteria. It is the most powerful concentrate available to the farmer, with absolutely no fillers. It quickly replenishes vital biomass in the soil that is depleted over time, destroyed by excessive utilization of high salt fertilizers, saline water and years of agro-chemicals and glyphosates overuse.

    BioNutrients significantly increased root volume and branching. Designed to improve soil quality, the multi-faceted BioNutrients, adds bio-active natural carbon from humic acid, fulvic acid, decomposed plant hydrolysates, along with iron and other trace minerals which provides vital nutrition for both fast and complex decomposers. A strong wetting agent from natural yucca assures the penetration of both the soil activators and microbes. A broad range of natural L-amino acids provide additional carbon rich nutrients and are a source of slowly available soluble nitrogen.

    The natural rhizosphere microorganisms (PGPB) found in BioNutrients survive in extreme environmental conditions including heat & drought. They actively compete for resources with, and suppress pathogens as they colonize roots systems, simultaneously acting as bio-fertilizer and disease antagonist. Durable and reliable, growers can trust BoNutrients to recover and enhance soil.