Cantaloupe Spray Program

Growth Products' Cantaloupe Spray Program featuring Nitro-30 SRN, 3-18-18 Macro Liquid Fertilizer, and MicroTech AG has been used by growers with exceptional results. After consulting with a Growth Products Technical Advisor, Chris Kamberg, early in the year, a grower in Florida began the program at planting time. A little more than three-quarters of the way into the season, he had already picked above his yield for the prior year. The field on which the Cantaloupe Spray Program was used yielded a high percentage of well-netted USDA Fancy Melons, and produced 75 to 80 bins of cantaloupes per acre. The field has also yielded many compliments: several people have commented that the grower has the best looking cantaloupe field in the county!

Cantaloupe Program
Product Rate Per Acre Application Timing
Nitro-30® SRN With 85% Slow Release Nitrogen 1 Gallon Apply every other week during season though last week of harvest.
3-18-18 Macro Liquid Foliar Formulation 2.5 Gallons
MicroTech AG Chelated Micronutrients 2 Quarts