Cherry Program

Nestled in Lodi in the northern portion of California's Central Valley, one 4-acre block of sweet cherries is the "pick of the crop." The block annually yields 1,000 boxes per acre of sweet cherries, both Bings and Missouri 86s, all rated 9s and 10s. The cherries' firm texture and high overall quality allow much of the crop to be sold to the demanding Japanese market, where premium prices reign. The grower's secret? Growth Products. Relying on the cherry nutritional program, the grower also tests petal leaf samples as the crop advances. If needed, he tweaks the program by adding specialized Growth Products' fertilizers and chelated micronutrients.

Cherry Program
Product Rate Per Acre Application Timing
Nitro-30® SRN With 85% Slow Release Nitrogen 3 Quarts Apply every other week during season though last week of harvest.
Starter Plus 8-32-5 with 50% Slow Release Nitrogen 3 Quarts
Cal-Tec 9% (6-0-0) made from Calcium Glucoheptonate 2 Quarts Applies 1 month after first spray of Nitro-30 and Starter Plus. Check sample anylysis of leaf and apply additional applications of Ca, K, or Nitrogen as needed.
0-0-25 Liquid Potassium 3 Quarts