Disease And Insect Free Cut Flowers

Growing premium long-stem roses and cut flowers such as statice can be demanding. But with Growth Products' special silica and calcium sprays, a grower's profit line can be as beautiful as the gorgeous blooms. Several growers in Quito, Ecuador, started using Growth Products in 2006, and have been impressed. Applying Essential and Companion drenches starting at transplant has the immediate benefits of creating clean white roots and quickly establishing the plants without transplant shock. Long term, the drenches result in healthier plants with significantly less insect and disease damage, as the plants resist insect attack and shrug off phytophthora, pythium, botrytis and other fungal diseases. Stem strength on the flowers are further enhanced by sprays of Cal-Tec and Sil-Guard, both of which toughen a plant's cell structure. The exquisite blooms are shipped world-wide, and arrive in the United States, Canada, France, Russia looking healthy and fresh.

Cherry Program
Product Rate Per Acre Application Timing
Essential Plus® 100% Natural Organic 3 Quarts Apply every other week during season though last week of harvest.
Companion® Biological Fungicide 3 Quarts
Sil-Guard® (0-2-5) With 7% Potassium Silicate & 2% Phosphite 2 Quarts Applies 1 month after first spray of Nitro-30 and Starter Plus. Check sample anylysis of leaf and apply additional applications of Ca, K, or Nitrogen as needed.
Cal-Tec 9% (6-0-0) 3 Quarts