Fulv-Ex 13-0-5

Double Action With Twice the Benefits

Improve Plant Growth or Quickly Remediate Poor or Contaminated Soils.

Growth Products' new soil amendment Fulv-Ex 13-0-5 contains both Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid. Fulvic acid is obtained through a highly refined extraction process from humic acid resulting in a lighter (smaller) molecule which is a chemically distinct compound. Because of its smaller size, Fulvic has greater mobility (gets to where it is needed faster and has a higher solubility which translates into faster absorption into plant tissue (foliar and root). This same chemical attribute gives Fulv-Ex the ability to correct serious soil problems, so its benefits are twofold!

For Damaged Roots!

Organic substances in the soil can have dramatic physiological effects on enhancing plant growth. Compounds with growth-promoting properties such as humic substances are often referred to as having auxin-like growth responses increasing root cell division and elongation. Fulvic will also increase enzyme activity. As with Humic acid, Fulvic acts as a chelating agent and thereby increases the efficiency of the plant to uptake nutrients that are most often unavailable. What is unique about Fulv-Ex is the ratio of two parts pure Humic acid to one part pure Fulvic acid. The highly soluble fulvic provides the quick and immediate action of stimulating new root growth, and triggers the plant's immune system to function more efficiently.

And Damaged Soil - Detoxify!

Organic matter in soils plays an essential role in soil quality and ultimately crop yield. Humates are known to physically alter the soil to allow better water and air movement. They also chemically change the soil's environment. Soil aggregate stability is a strong indicator of the recovery of degradation of soil quality. Humates help repair and maintain these aggregates in a wide variety of soils, vastly improving conditions for good root growth. They encourage soil microbial activity and improve the cation exchange capacity of soils. It is a known fact that herbicide laden soils containing glyphosates can be detoxified by the application of organic rich materials such as Fulv-Ex.