MicroTech AG & CT Now Includes Jasmonic Acid

MicroTech AG

MicroTech 4-0-0 AG and MicroTech 4-0-4 CT have long provided growers with a practical and cost-effective way to give crops the essential micronutrients they need. Growth Products recently made these powerhouse liquid micro packages even better with the addition of jasmonic acid.

Jasmonic acid (JA) is a natural plant hormone that is released by plants when plants are attacked by insects. Like many other phytohormones, JA helps regulate a plant's response to wounds and enhances a plant's systemic acquired resistance (SAR), which is critical in "helping a plant help itself" when faced with stress.

Although these claims may sound like a "harmonic convergence" of quackery rather than science, jasmonic acid's efficacy is backed by proven scientific research. University studies, including a recent study on rapeseed production in Germany, have shown that jasmonic acid applied to a plant's leaves or shoots activates the plant's natural defense mechanisms.

Combined with other biostimulants - including kelp extract and humic acid which are also in MicroTech CT and MicroTech AG  -  jasmonic acid gives these micronutrient packages an edge that no other liquid micronutrient product has. The multiple organic ingredients work together to enhance plant hardiness, increase nutrient uptake, help plants withstand heat and drought, and increase bloom and fruit set. 

Both liquid MicroTech formulas blend micronutrients with Growth Products' signature advanced technology. The chelatation of the micronutrients assures that the micros remain more mobile in soil and in plants and less prone to leaching than non-chelated micros.

When applied as a foliar spray, Growth Products' chelated micros - unlike unchelated micros - are able to rapidly penetrate a leaf's waxy coating and enter into the plant, working to quickly correct nutrient deficiencies.

MicroTech CT 4-0-0 contains iron, magnesium, manganese, sulfur, zinc, boron, and molybdenum (Fe, Mg, Mn, S, Zn, B and Mo), while MicroTech AG 4-0-0 contains iron, manganese, zinc and boron (Fe, Mg, Zn and B).

For assistance in deciding which MicroTech is best for you - whether you are protecting citrus against the ravages of greening disease, growing vegetables such as tomatoes and beans, planting cotton, or managing a sod farm - contact Growth Products and ask to speak to a nutritional specialist.

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