Nitro® Technology For Agricultural Crops

The Smart Nitrogen

Growth Product's Nitro® family of liquid fertilizers is based on a proprietary, high-tech methylene molecule known as Nitro. A true slow release nitrogen (SRN), this Smart Nitrogen provides a highly predictable nitrogen release and excellent foliar nitrogen uptake into leaves and roots.

Nitro is the key ingredient in the original Nitro-30 (30-0-0) liquid fertilizer, and in Nitro+K 22-0-16 and Nitro-26 CB Plus. These Nitro family fertilizers, with their smart release patterns and ease of handling, maximize efficiency for growers and increase both crop yield and crop quality. Their environmentally friendly Nitro technology prevents volatilization, leaching and run-off, placing the fertilizers at the top of their class.
All Nitro-based fertilizers have extremely low salt indexes. They are virtually non-phytotoxic and safe for your crops, and can be used as a soil application or as a foliar spray. The fertilizers are all crystal-clear liquid solutions that are ideal for any type of spray equipment, fertigation system, or drip irrigation. Extremely stable and non-corrosive, the Nitro fertilizers have long shelf lives of more than two years.

Nitro® Technology - How it Works

Nitro SRN's proprietary technology provides the grower with a unique nitrogen delivery system. A liquid solution, it contains a special slow release nitrogen molecule known as methylene. Methylene (CH2-N) is made up of carbon and nitrogen, and its long-chain molecular structure holds the nitrogen between two carbon molecules.

When applied as a foliar spray, Nitro coats the leaf tissue with a glossy clear film, and the methylene penetrates the waxy layer (cuticle) of the leaf tissue. The strong carbon-nitrogen bond is then gradually broken down by heat, hydrolysis, microbial activity and UV radiation, and nitrogen is released one molecule at a time. Nitro also contains a small portion of urea nitrogen, which immediately greens up the leaf tissue after foliar application.

Maximize Nutrient Uptake & Efficiency

With Nitro products you can apply considerably less nitrogen than traditional granular fertilizers. Nitro fertilizers increase nitrogen efficiency by as much as 33% and allow improved crop productivity at low fertilizer rates, making them good for the environment and good for your pocketbook.

Minimize Waste

Ground-applied quick-release nitrogen fertilizers tend to volatilize into the atmosphere or leach below the root level and into ground water and lakes. They are often unavailable to the crop and contribute detrimental nitrates to our fragile environment. As a grower, you can cost-effectively eliminate these types of waste by switching to Growth Product's Nitro fertilizers. When applied to the soil, Nitro fertilizers' Smart Nitrogen stays on the soil particles to gradually release nitrogen as needed by crops. A dual benefit ensues as carbon is released into the soil where it feeds beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere.

Sticker / Spreader

The nitro molecule is compatible with other technical chemicals including fungicides and pesticides. Its excellent sticker and spreader properties increase the adhesion of these added technical materials and improve the materials' efficacy. Just add the Nitro fertilizers to your tank mix, saving time and labor.

Increase Crop Quality and Yields

Large-scale grower studies have shown that foliar-applied Nitro can realize fruit size and weight yield increases of 40% to 60%, while using greatly reduced rates of nitrogen. Unlike traditional granular fertilizers, Nitro fertilizers immediately supply a plant with needed nitrogen without delay and then continue to steadily feed nitrogen over several weeks. Its methylene urea encourages even growth between internodes and promotes more uniform plant development, while avoiding fast, lanky growth.

Nitro-30 30-0-0
With 85% Smart Nitrogen

  • The original Nitro fertilizer
  • Highest percentage of Smart Nitrogen
  • Lowest salt index of any Slow Release Nitrogen fertilizer on the market
  • Low Application Rates - Cost Effective
  • Excellent for all agricultural crops

Nitro+K 22-0-16
With 82% Smart Nitrogen Plus Potassium Carbonate

  • Each gallon contains 2.6 lbs. N and 1.9 lbs K
  • Potassium Carbonate provides a superior source of K
  • No Nitrates - Environmentally Friendly
  • Provide Extended Nitrogen Feeding
  • Do Not Volatize or Leach
  • Increase Fruit Size and Weight Yield
  • Compatible with both Fungicides and Pesticides

Nitro-22 (22-0-0)
With 40% Smart Nitrogen Plus 4% Sulfur

  • Low Salt Index
  • Ammonium Sulfate For Quick Growth
  • pH Neutral for Mixing Compatibility
  • High Sulfur for Added Nutrient Value
  • No Nitrates - Environmentally friendly
  • For Extended Feeding

Nitro-26 CB Plus
26-0-0 With 0.5% Boron

  • 77% Slow Release Nitrogen
  • 0.5% Soluble Boron to correct deficiencies
  • Excellent for vegetables, tree fruits, nut crops and forage crops that require extra Boron
  • Liquid Solutions with No Special Handling Requirements
  • Low Salt Index - No Burn


A three-year study conducted by the German State Teaching and Research Institute for Agriculture confirmed that Nitro-30 adheres to the leaf and that "nitrogen deficiencies can be corrected by Nitro-30 leaf fertilization." Nitro-30 was foliar applied at a rate of 9.25 kg Nitrogen per hectare. Urea was foliar applied at a rate of 15 kg Nitrogen per hectare and soil-applied at a rate of 40 kg per hectare. Despite the fact that Nitro-30 was applied at a lower nitrogen rate than urea, tissue analysis showed that Nitro-30 significantly increased the nitrogen content of leaf tissue to a greater degree than urea, across all test phases for all three years. The study demonstrated the efficiency of Nitro-30 in comparison to other foliar fertilization options, and showed the extreme efficiency of Nitro-30 foliar fertilization over ground applications of urea. The three year trial led to the official recommendation for the use of Nitro-30 SRN 30-0-0 by the Central Research Station for Viniculture on Riesling Grapes in the Moselle River region.

The parsley study conducted by a leading international vegetable grower in Florida applied products prior to cutting and after cutting. The weight and height from two harvests were averaged. Nitro+K was applied at a rate of 0.98 kg Nitrogen per hectare and Urea was applied at a rate of 1.68 kg nitrogen per hectare. While applying 58% less nitrogen, Nitro+K improved the parsley weight and height. The study also included applications of a cytokinin (plant growth hormone) by itself and in combination with urea to see if a growth hormone would have an effect on parsley weight at harvest or height. Nitro+K outperformed both the urea only application and the combined urea and cytokinin application.