Large Grade Pepper Spray Program

Since California's "King of Peppers" started using Growth Products three years ago, his crop problems with soil-borne fungi and insect vectored diseases have largely disappeared. A third generation pepper grower, Joe of Turbetti Farms, renowned for his large grade hot and mild chili peppers, jalapeños, and bell peppers, has strong sales to restaurants, farmers markets, and at his own grilled pepper stand. With 5 grills going from morning to evening, his stand generates long lines of hungry customers. But despite this success, his fields had been plagued by Mosaic virus, phytopthora and Sclerotinia. His pepper fields are surrounded by cherry orchards, notorious for insects and especially leafhoppers. He began dipping flats of peppers into a solution of Essential and Companion prior to transplanting, and giving his plants optimal nutrition with Growth Products. The "King of Peppers" now has healthier plants, which don't get attacked by insects.

Pepper Program
Product Rate Per Acre Application Timing
Starter Plus 8-32-5 with 50% Slow Release Nitrogen 2 - 3 Quarts Apply after transplanting.
Nitro-30® SRN With 85% Slow Release Nitrogen 1 Quart Apply 2 to 3 times per growing season. Use additional applications if plants require additional Nitrogen
Cal-Tec 9% (6-0-0) 2 - 3 Quarts Apply at time of fruit set.