MicroTech CT 4-0-0
Essential Micronutrients, Nitrogen and Organic Enhancers
Growth Products' MicroTech CT 4-0-0 provides a versatile and practical way to supply your crops with essential micronutrients. Its micronutrients are 100% percent chelated, making them readily available to plants, so as to assure good crop quality and yield.

MicroTech CT's blend of nitrogen, iron, magnesium and manganese can prevent or quickly correct common deficiencies, but what makes MicroTech CT agronomically superior is that it also contains concentrated plant bio-Enhancers. Its beneficial organic ingredients assure fast nutrient utilization, enhanced plant hardiness, improved photosynthesis, and increased resistance to adverse environmental conditions such as extreme heat and lack of moisture.

The bio-Enhancers in MicroTech 40 include humic acids, seaweed extracts, and yucca extracts that have a three-fold process of increasing cell permeability for quick nutrient absorption, increasing wetting abilities, and providing stimulatory natural plant auxins and cytokinins. MicroTech CT increases bloom and fruit set, reduces damage from early frost, and guarantees higher crop production.

MicroTech CT can be used on field vegetable crops, greenhouse plug production, citrus, apples, and other fruits, and can be applied at any stage of the growth cycle.
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