Agronomically Sound, Cost-Effective, and Environmentally Friendly
Foliar spray liquid fertilizers and micronutrients to crops
Bio-Innovation, The Use of Biological Fungicides, Organic Enhancers, and ISR Technologies For A More Sustainable Agriculture
For 30 years Growth Products has been manufacturing the highest quality liquid fertilizers, micronutrients and soil amendments. We have used this expertise to continue to expand our product line with new technologies including biological fungicides and organic enhancers that are engineered to improve crop health, disease resistance, and increase yield while improving soil quality, building a more sustainable agriculture for future generations.

The vast majority of synthetic fertilizers have harsh effects to both the soil and microbial life adding high salts, chlorides, and often a legacy of residual herbicides which leads to a decline in plant health, lower crop yield, and a greater dependency on chemicals. Growth Products' focus is on the overall health of the plant and the restoration of better soil quality. The important difference lies in the technology behind our products, selection of unique ingredients to stimulate ISR plant responses and, high quality raw materials, resulting in soft-chemistries and biological innovations.

Growth Products offers an outstanding range of liquid and concentrated dry products and has its own technical sales force. It is represented in both the domestic and international markets in over 40 countries around the world

For Truly Integrated Farming Methods, Growth Products Provides Unique Solutions To Reduce Environmental Impact and Improve Crop Health with Bio-innovations

Controlling Nitrogen Waste is Economical! Our slow release technology reduces nitrogen loss and protects the environment. It has no nitrates, eliminates ground water leaching, and prevents wasteful volatilization. Typical agricultural grade ammonia or urea based products are often times harmful to the soil and microbes and add harmful salts. Growth Products proprietary slow-release family of Smart Nitrogen™ formulations work to provide highly effective foliar nutrition for all crops. Our methylene technology is safe for crops with the lowest salt index of any nitrogen source, a longer lasting source, to improve your crop quality and yield. With reduced nitrogen waste, our Nitro products become a cost effective solution for farmers!

Not All Phosphites Are Created Equal!

A true 100% phosphite is a precise combination of chemically reacted P3O5 and potassium. Only with this exacting ratio of P to K do you form an effective product. Our "TKO" Phosphite (0-29-26) gives you the full force of a true phosphite, not a blend or watered down, cloudy phosphorous mixture. "TKO" Phosphite has the clarity of a crystal clear potassium phosphite solution that is rapidly absorbed into all plant tissue. By providing plants with the perfect ratio, "TKO" Phosphite enhances both plant and root development, but most importantly stimulates the plant's natural immune system (ISR) to ward off disease, in order to assure positive agronomic results.

Give Your Crop Resistance and Protection!

Our new biological, bio-innoculants and, soft chemistries give the farmers new, innovative options to improve plant heath, increase yields, and improve the soil's environment. Think of this portfolio as bio-based elicitors that protect plants against diseases, boost the plant's resistance (ISR), increase stress tolerance, and strengthen immune system. Essential Plus 100% a Natural Organic Soil Amendment and Root Stimulant, determined to be BioBased and of renewable materials, Companion Biological Fungicide, a broad spectrum biological fungicide, Recover Rx with Salicylic Acid for boosting the plants immune system, "TKO Phosphite", SiTKO SA with salicylic acid, phosphite and silicates, and BioNutrients 8-1-9 a bio-innoculant now registered for use in Organic Agriculture with Washington State Dept. of Agriculture (WSDA), are all tools for meeting increasing demand for sustainably-produced food.