Crop Quality & Yield
Low salt index nitrogen fertilizers by Growth Products are environmentally friendly
Improve Quality and Yield with Foliar Fertilization
Ever since the use of soil-applied chemical fertilizers became the norm in agriculture, the quality of the soil and the quality of crops has too often been neglected. Adding more chemical fertilizers only makes the problem worse, since soils with salinity problems, problematic calcium levels, and out-of-range pH levels lock up nutrients and prevent their use by plants.

What's the answer? Agriculturalists around the globe are finding that foliar fertilization is the perfect prescription. Because foliar fertilization is not dependent on perfect soil conditions to be nutritionally available to plants, it consistently provides improved crop yield and crop quality.

All crops have the ability to absorb nutrients through their leaf tissue, provided the nutrients are in a soluble form ready for uptake. Growth Products' liquid fertilizers and micronutrients, such as Nitro-30, Nitro + K, TKO Phosphite, and MicroPlex CT, are highly efficient and cost-effective foliar applied solutions.

A five-year study by the University of Florida's Citrus Research Center showed a 26% increase in fruit weight with the use of foliar applications of Nitro-30 and Nitro + K when compared to ground-applied granular fertilizer, which translates directly to improved profit margins for citrus growers. Similar studies on Riesling grapes at the Institute of Viniculture in Germany showed that even with a significant reduction of soil-applied nitrogen, foliar-applied Nitro-30 produced a better crop yield and higher N content in the leaf tissue.

To learn more about the benefits of Growth Products' foliar-applied fertilizers, read our Specialty Crop Brochure.