Organic Farming
Organic farming with Companion biological fungicide, liquid organics, and essential micronutrients
Organic Farming with Essential® and Companion® Biological Fungicide
The transition for a grower from conventional farming to organic takes commitment and money, and the years not certified as organic become a financial waiting game. So when you're finally certified and at the starting gate, you want to be ahead of the pack. Getting your soil ready is the first order of business.

After years of chemical fertilizer applications, most soils are depleted of organic matter and left with little biological life. Over time, chemical fertilizers leave harmful salt build-ups in the soil and starve the beneficial soil microbes of the materials they need to survive. Growth Products' Essential Organic 1-0-1 Root Stimulant and Soil Conditioner will recharge your soil with much-needed organics, simple & complex carbohydrates, sugars, enzymes, and L-amino acids. Listed with OMRI since 2006, Essential Organic will not only correct poor soils but will act as a biostimulant to increase seed germination, increase rooting, reduce transplant shock, and increase flowering and blossom set. The result? Better quality and higher yield.

Add Companion® Biological Fungicide, a true organic fungicide that not only prevents and corrects a wide spectrum of plant diseases but also adds beneficial soil microbes to your soil, and you have two critical tools to ensure that you become profitable fast.