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A pioneer in fertilizer technology, Growth Products manufactures and distributes advanced slow release liquid nitrogen, a complete range of N-P-K fertilizers, chelated micronutrients, a biological fungicide, biostimulants, and a 100% organic soil amendment. With Growth Products, you can navigate today's tricky roadways and chart a course to an effective, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable nutrition program.

Roadmap For Success

Whether you want to increase seed germination, enhance rooting, provide long-lasting green color, improve plant vigor or maximize crop yield, Growth Products can point you in the right direction. Our company's focus on research & development has led to the creation of one successful product after another, each of which is cost-effective and environmentally sustainable:

  • Smart Nitrogen Nitro-30® SRN 30-0-0- a revolutionary slow-release nitrogen polymer.
  • Companion® - the first liquid biological fungicide on the U.S. market.
  • A complete line of superior chelated liquid micronutrients.
  • Essential® Plus - a pioneering liquid organic.

Our exceptional customer service technicians can work with you personally to plan a fertilizer program or solve a plant nutrition problem.

The Nutritional Fertilizer Puzzle

Growth Products uses only the highest quality N - P - K raw materials. As a result, our finished fertilizers offer superior quality and consistent results.

  • N (Nitrogen) - Growth Products gained fame with its revolutionary Smart Nitrogen™, developed in 1984. To this day, this environmentally sound slow-release nitrogen source far surpasses any competitive products.
  • P (Phosphite) - "TKO" Phosphite, Growth Products' signature phosphorus product, is a clear liquid that is rapidly absorbed through plant leaves and roots, correcting deficiencies and enhancing plant vigor. Unlike traditional granular phosphates that often bind up in soils, "TKO" is always fully available to plants.
  • K (Potassium) - Growth Products' chloride-free potassium carbonate is cleaner, safer and more pure than other K sources such as Muriate of Potash. Plus, potassium carbonate has a low-salt index and instantly available.

Companion Biological Fungicide

Companion® is a pure biological powerhouse that fights disease and goes beyond chemical fungicides. A 100% natural fungicide, Companion contains billions of beneficial rhizosphere bacteria that prevent and control damaging root and foliar diseases such as Anthracnose, Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Sclerotinia, Xanthomonas, Botrytis, Alternaria, and Fusarium. Companion also boosts a plant's natural immune system and produces auxin-like metabolites that promote root- and crop growth. It has a low 0 - 4 hours REI for workers, is non-toxic to beneficial insects, and has virtually no phytotoxicity for crops. A valuable tool in any disease resistance management program.


Every piece of a puzzle is needed to make a whole. And for our customers, the right micronutrients are necessary for a perfect crop or healthy turf. That's why Growth Products places essential micronutrients in many of its most popular liquid fertilizers and also offers pure-play micronutrients and micronutrient blends. Best of all, Growth Products' micros are always fully chelated. Non-chelated micros have high application rates, are slow to work, and only operate in a very narrow soil pH range. But Growth Products' chelated micros are ready to roar as soon as they are applied. Their mobility in soil and in plant tissue allows them to prevent or quickly correct nutrient deficiencies before serious turf or crop damage can occur.

Organics & Beneficial Substances

A true pioneer in environmentally friendly Green Industry practices and sustainable agriculture, Growth Products uses proven technologies to put the power of humic acids, amino acids, gibberellic acids, kelp, yucca, and powerful bacteria in your hands. Our liquid and granular organics amend poor soils, enhance nutrient retention and uptake, stimulate plant growth, increase yield, blossom set, and repair worn and damaged turf. Products include:

  • Essential® Plus
  • Repair Plus
  • Landscaper's Companion
  • Control De-Thatcher
  • Hydro-Max
  • Re-Store Plus
  • Grower's Companion®

Smart Nitrogen™

Growth Products' Smart Nitrogen™ is smart for the environment, smart for the budget, and smart for you. And it is the key ingredient in all of Growth Products' liquid nitrogen fertilizers, including Nitro-30 with 85% Smart Nitrogen. In fact, Growth Products gained fame as the "Liquid Solutions" company when it developed the unique slow-release nitrogen polymer that lies at the heart of Smart Nitrogen. Its advantages are many and varied: dual efficiency allows it to be absorbed by both leaves and roots; anti-leaching and anti-volatilization properties make it cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable; an exceptionally low salt index eliminates the risk of phytotoxicity and prevents salt build-up in soils; and its superior agronomic performance has been proven time and time again.

University Research

It's not just Growth Products saying we're good. Dozens of university studies by well known and highly respected scientists have tested our products and shown that they perform exactly the way we say they do. And pitted against the competition, our products consistently generate superior real-world results. For complete details and charts of university studies visit the research section of our web site.

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