Saving Transplanted Olive Trees

From: Mook's Arbor Systems, ("The Arborist for the Stars"), Woodland Hills, CA
To: Keith Giertych []
Subject: Creating the Mediterranean Look in LA

Everyone who is famous in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills wants the Mediterranean look, so landscapers buy old olive trees from orchards and ask my company to transplant them around the homes of Hollywood stars. Some of the trees are as much as 60 years old. We use Essential and Companion when transplanting the trees. Thanks to Growth Products, we haven't lost a single tree yet!

Once the olive trees are settled in, we use Nitro-30 as a slow-release fertilizer. Nitro-30 is a great product because it doesn't burn, it gives a good green-up, and provides a long-lasting kelly green on the leaves. Six to eight weeks after using Nitro-30, the trees show not only good color but good stem growth as well. Overall, we very pleased with everything we have used by Growth Products, and have a lot of confidence in the Growth Products' products.

Transplanted Olive trees
Old specimen olives trees are transplanted from groves to create a Mediterranean landscape.


Olive Trees Bad Tips
Olive Trees Good Tips
The tops of the trees are thinning and unhealthy.
After using Essential and Companion, trees return to good health.

Construction Damage

From: Northwest Tree Specialists, Hillsborough, OR
To: Keith Giertych []
Subject: Saved large maple tree

In 2008, a homeowner added a sidewalk on his property, and during construction 25% of the roots of this maple tree were cut, with most of the damage done very close to the tree. After the maple lost almost half of its leaves, the homeowner called us to cut it down. We suggested that the tree might be saved. We started by applying Companion and Essential in the fall of 2008, and again in the spring of 2009. The attached picture shows the tree 13 months after the last application of these products. The leaves are back, with nice color, and the homeowner is satisfied. It's a great feeling to save a tree, rather than cut a tree!

Transplanting Program
Companion Biological Fungicide 1 quart per 100 gallons water Thouroughly drench 2-5 gallons of mix around new planting. Repeat in 30 days.
Essential® Plus 1-0-1 1 quart per 100 gallons water

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