Spotlight on Gro-Pro 12-4-12

Gro-Pro 12-4-12

For All Turf Grass, Trees & Landscape Plants With 60% SRN +Mg, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, B, Plus Humic Acid, Yucca And Sugars

Gro-Pro 12-4-12

For over 10 years we have had glowing reports from landscapers and golf course superintendents about the performance of our Palm-Pro, not just on palms, but on turf grass and northern ornamentals.

Already popular south of the Mason-Dixson line, Palm Pro, gained recognition as far north as Michigan all the way to the tip of Long Island as a nutrient- organic packed product. So, with much insistence from our sales staff, we enthusiastically decided to offer this outstanding product under the name Gro-Pro, keeping the exact same guaranteed analysis you have come to trust, but now with rates and usage advice for our tree, turf and golf customers.

The power of Gro-Pro is in the facts……

FACT: the higher the organic matter in the soil, the better the cation exchange, resulting in improved overall performance of any N-P-K that is applied.

Gro-Pro puts it all together for you. This concentrate (sometimes described as slurry because of its thick rich texture) is loaded with macros, 6 chelated micronutrients, biostimulants and bio-enhancers not found in conventional fertilizers. 12 key elements including important organics from humic acid, a natural wetting agent assure deep soil penetration, even in compacted soils.

This all adds up to greater and maximum efficacy from the synergy between the blend of organic supplements, balanced macros and micronutrients and the 60% Smart Nitrogen, from our exclusive methylene urea, which provides slow, consistent nitrogen feeding of up to three months. A dynamo for any variety of turf grass (warm, cool and transitional), evergreen and deciduous trees and ornamentals!

Apply at time of overseeding, sodding or plugging to increase germination and rooting. Use for general maintenance from early spring to late fall.

For lawn care, tees, greens, fairways, trees and shrubs and yes of course, use it on your indoor palms.

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