Superior Solutions for all Arbor Care Needs
Arbor Care 15-8-4 with Smart Nitrogen Plus Micronutrients
When you want to get your job as an arbor care specialist done efficiently, correctly and easily, there is no better choice than Growth Products' liquids. With Growth Products you can simply say goodbye to bulky bags of fertilizers that tear apart and become hard as rock ... goodbye to products that won't dissolve and instead settle in the bottom of your tank ... goodbye to clogging, abrasion and wear and tear on your pumps and equipment. Even the need for sparging agitation becomes outdated. With Growth Products, you will have the ease and efficiency of technologically advanced fertilizers, micronutrients and liquid soil amendments.

When soil injecting Growth Products' clear liquid fertilizers around trees and ornamentals you will have confidence that the products are completely covering the root areas and reaching every nook and crevice, even in difficult compacted soils. With foliar spraying, you will know that you are getting exceptionally efficient foliar uptake of N-P-Ks or 100% chelated micronutrients to quickly correct all types of nutrient deficiencies. Whether you are dealing with an oak suffering from iron chlorosis, a magnolia growing in a soil with pH problems, a transplant on sub-grade soil, or a palm in need of magnesium, you can choose from our broad range of products to solve your problems.

Some of the most magnificent historic and specimen trees from coast to coast - including trees grown on university properties, public parks, government grounds, and private country estates - are treated with Growth Products. So join the arborists "in-the-know," and turn to Growth Products for your tree care needs.