Urban Stress
Ash trees treated with Growth Products remain healthy when under stress
Growth Products' Essential® Organics and Low-Salt Slow-Release Fertilizers Protect Trees from Urban Stress
Established trees in urban settings are often deprived of renewable organic matter, subjected to compacted soils, or planted with restricted root space. In landscaped settings, trees typically compete with grass and other ground covers for water and nutrients. Fortunately, Essential® Plus Natural Soil Amendment and Root Stimulator can be used to reverse and prevent stress damage.

Essential® Plus is a 100% natural liquid that adds organic matter to soils, improves soil structure, enhances nutrient uptake, improves water penetration in soil, and increases soil microbial activity. It has no salts and no phytotoxicity risk, and is one of the few products that arborists can safely apply at any time of the year. As an easy-to-use liquid, it provides an efficient way to inject organic material into a tree's root zone.

Essential Plus' array of bio-active ingredients not only improves the soil, but actively promotes root growth, which is important in times of stress. Essential Plus contains kelp extract which is a plentiful source of phytohormones, humic acids that provide a rich source of root-stimulating auxins, gibberellic acid which is a natural root stimulant, and a host of other ingredients from L-amino acids to enzymes and natural wetting agents.

To prevent and alleviate tree stress, be sure to use a top-quality year-round maintenance program. Growth Products' Arbor Care Program offers an easy-to-follow spring and fall fertilization plan with a micronutrient package. The program features all the benefits of liquid feeding with Growth Products' slow release Smart Nitrogen™, and the low-salt index of the Growth Products fertilizers prevents harmful salt build-ups in the root zone.