Nutrient Deficiencies
Liquid Chelated Micronutrients to solve both foliar and soil deficiencies
Correct and Prevent Nutrient Deficiencies with Growth Products' Arbor Care Program

Nutrient deficiencies can show themselves in trees by obvious signs such as chlorosis (yellowing of leaves), or in more subtle ways such as lack of vigor, slowed growth, early leaf drop, and die-back. Early detection of nutrient deficiencies can also be accomplished through soil and tissue tests. Regardless of whether you discover the problem early or late, there's no need to worry, thanks to Growth Products' line of balanced liquid fertilizers and chelated micronutrients.

In its micronutrient line, Growth Products carries:

Since they are all 100% chelated, Growth Products' micronutrients are immediately available for plant uptake. That translates into quick correction of chlorosis and other micronutrient deficiencies. And since they are all liquid solutions, they can be easily applied through any spray or injection system.

For macronutrient needs, and for the routine prevention of micronutrient problems, arborists can turn to Growth Products' Arbor Care Program, an easy-to-follow year-round maintenance program that provides all the macro- and micro-nutrients needed for healthy tree growth. The program is based on compatible liquid solutions, allowing you to get your jobs done more quickly and more efficiently.