Soil Problems
Solve pH levels, poor cation exchange capacity, and soil compaction with Growth Products
Good Soil is Essential® for Healthy Trees
If your soils are out of whack, your trees are in jeopardy! Soil problems such as high or low pH levels, poor cation exchange capacity, poor base saturation levels, or soil compaction can have disastrous effects on trees. Fortunately, Growth Products has solutions for all of these situations.
  • High or low pH levels can make nutrients unavailable to plants. pH levels can be adjusted using Growth Products' 0-0-25 Liquid Potassium, pH Booster, and/or Cal Mag Max, a chelated calcium and magnesium product.
  • A low cation exchange capacity (CEC) encourages leaching and hampers the delivery of a steady, adequate supply of nutrients throughout the growing season. CEC can be drastically improved by adding humic acid, which is found in Growth Products Essential® Plus and in Restore Plus.
  • Soil base saturation levels, which measure the portion of CEC that is occupied by nutrient cations such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, should ideally be high (above 80%). Improvements in your soil's base saturation levels can be achieved by applying Cal Mag Max 7-0-3 or Cal-Tec 9%
  • Compacted soil poses numerous problems for trees and tree roots. Essential® Plus and Restore Plus can help solve soil compaction problems while also improving CEC and other problems. The humic acid in both products aggregate soil particles and provide a food source for soil microbial activity. Humus also binds up chemical salts, which allows the salts to be flushed from the soil.