Canary Palms at LAX Airport treated with Growth Products Palm Program
Growing Healthy Palms is a Breeze with Growth Products
Palms not only have their own special beauty, they have their own special nutrient needs. Growth Products has the right solution for every palm in its comprehensive Palm Program. At the heart of the Palm Program is Palm Pro™ 12-4-12.

Palms require plenty of nitrogen and potassium for good growth, but react poorly to too much phosphate. Palm Pro12-4-12> has an ideal analysis for palms, and it has 60% slow release nitrogen that allows for a slow and steady 3- to 4-month nitrogen feed. Palm Pro includes manganese to prevent Mn deficiencies that cause yellowing of new leaves, and magnesium to prevent Mg deficiencies that manifest on older palm leaves. It also contains iron, copper, and zinc. All the micronutrients are chelated, which allows the micros to bond to the soil and roots and be fully utilized by the trees.

Palm Pro doesn't stop there, but addresses palms' soil needs, too. It contains high levels of humic acid and other liquid organics that improve soil moisture retention, increase cation exchange capacity and enhance soil fertility - all of which contribute to better tree health. Palm Pro is a versatile liquid that can be used as a soil injection, a soil drench, or a foliar feed, and can also be used in low water volume applications in urban landscapes.

For situations in which your palms face a magnesium, potassium, manganese or iron deficiency, Growth Products offers an entire line of liquid nutrients such as Magnesium Chelate 5%, X-Xtra Iron, 0-0-25 Liquid Potassium. For more information, contact a Growth Products' representative or read our Palm Program.