A Face Lift for a Private Estate
There is nothing better than hearing about success stories directly from our customers.
Here are some excerpts from our discussion with Gary. With 11 years' experience in landscape and tree care, Gary knows his stuff.

Gary Benbow, Tree Care Incorporated, Sacramento, CA
Plant Healthcare Manager

"This property was actually referred to us, by a consulting arborist, ... he took some soil samples, had those analyzed and based on the analysis, he suggested they contact a Tree Care Company.

What we saw were the plants overall were just struggling, they just weren't developing.

"We've always had really, really good success with Growth Products. They're stable, they're consistent and we get known results"The soil samples were taken from the front yard, back yard, and then from the large planters that they have around the property. And pretty much in all cases, it did show that there was some high pH to the soils, 7.5 to 7.8 and the other was like 7.4, 7.3 , so, they're up there.

We had some iron deficiency, it was really evident in the mature maple that was on the property and the NPK values we're low to begin with.

The analysis showed that there also was a very high calcium rates, which again, all of this being combined, as you well know, can reduce the uptake of nutrients by the individual plants, and so that's what we felt was going on.

With the assistance from our distributor, he helped us lay out exactly the products and the amount of products that we wanted to utilize. Because of the fact that there was existing landscape, we felt that we just couldn't come in and hit it real hard so we wanted to make a slow reduction in that pH to try and get the plants to a point where they could take up the nutrients.

We've utilized Growth Products now for about the last 6 years in our fertilization as well as from a fungicide perspective (Companion® Biological Fungicide) for some of the drenching that we do, and we've always had really, really good success with Growth Products. They're stable, they're consistent and we get known results.

We laid out a protocol to apply the pH acid Reducer.

We also utilized the liquid Phosphorus, theLook at our 100% organic formulations for wetland restoration. combined with 6-12-12 Fertilizer. We started in the fall, correct, and we did those applications about 6 weeks apart. We wanted to take a slow approach.

And then on the last two applications we also incorporated Essential and Companion.

Essential is an easy product to apply. We've never seen any kind of negative reactions from the product. It's all natural and it works! That's the bottom line.

We have turned the trees around that were really struggling with the use of both those products. The Companion as you well know can stimulate root development, and that combination has been a real winner for us!

Just as we've seen on just about all the entire landscaping here, the Growth Products worked.

Thank you"