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Best Success Story

Growth Products' April "Best Success" Winner
Albert Bartschmid

This month's winning success story comes from Albert Bartschmid, Golf Superintendent at the LakeRidge Country Club in Lubbock, Texas. A native Texan, Albert has a degree in Golf Course & Landscape Management and has worked in the industry for nearly ten years. We talked one-on-one with Albert earlier this month.

In a nutshell, what is your success story?

Coming out of a hot, dry summer last year, our bentgrass greens were stressed and the turf's root system was nearly gone. I was looking for a good foliar nitrogen fertilizer that also contained biostimulants, since I wanted to push root growth before heading into winter. Someone recommended Growth Products' Pro-Formance 18-3-6. I tried it, and I'm glad I did. My Assistant Superintendent and I were just amazed at the dark, continuous green Pro-Formance provided. The dark green showed up quickly, and it lasted beautifully from one application to another. Plus, we got phenomenal root growth. Pro-Formance is a real keeper, and we've made it a vital part of our maintenance program.

LakeRidge Golf Course has a reputation as having some of the best greens in West Texas. True?

We do have great greens, especially given our tough environment and the age of the greens. The LakeRidge course was designed by Billy Martindale and Don January, and it opened in 1979. The greens, which have never been redone, are excellent and have withstood the test of time. The course itself features tight fairways, two lakes, and heavily bunkered greens, so it remains challenging but fun to play.


So what are you doing now to keep the course in top shape?

Here in Texas, April means aerating. Last month, as we came out of winter, I started back with a nitrogen program. On the greens, I'll continue to apply Pro-Formance 18-3-6 at two week intervals until about June, when I start to hold off on nitrogen due to our extreme heat. In Lubbock, it's not unusual to have summer streaks of nearly three months of 100 degree weather. Heading into fall I will pick back up with slow-release Pro-Formance, and will aerate again in late September.

This is my second year at the LakeRidge course. Even though I've worked at other courses in Texas, I'm still learning about the microclimates and demands of this particular course, and I'm tweaking my maintenance program to make it even better.

Overall, what is your approach to golf course maintenance?

The phrase "Slow and steady wins the race" could be my motto. I like to use organic and environmentally-friendly products when I can, and I rely a lot on micronutrients to keep the course healthy. I don't like to use big heavy bursts of nitrogen, because it's wasteful and it's ultimately stressful to the turf. I much prefer slow-release nitrogen products like Pro-Formance.

When you're not working on the course and you've got some time off...

You can catch me on the greens! I like all kinds of sports, including golf, and I always enjoy playing a few rounds.

Many thanks to Albert Bartschmid and LakeRidge Country Club for their help with this article, and congratulations to Albert for providing our Best Success Story of the month.

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