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Growth Products' March "Best Success" Winner
Taylor Henderson

This month's winning success story comes from Taylor Henderson of Lake Wales, Florida. Taylor is only 20 years old, but he has plenty of knowledge and hands-on agricultural experience. A fourth-generation Florida citrus grower, he's been around farms and groves all his life. For the past four years, he has been caretaker of TMM citrus grove and co-caretaker, along with his father Fred Henderson, of 4H Farm, Inc., a 10 acre blueberry farm. We talked one-on-one with Taylor earlier this month.

What is the gist of your success story?

The incredible results I've had with Growth Products' Companion Biofungicide and its fertilizers and micronutrient packages; Technical Sales Rep, Mark White, helped me start a new citrus program two years ago, and I've been amazed. Last year my Valencias had the highest pounds solids I've ever seen, more juice, the best sweetness, and a larger fruit size than ever. My Hamlins had fruit the size of softballs. I could barely believe it!

I was so impressed with the results in the citrus grove that I switched to using Growth Products on the blueberry bushes at 4H Farms. It's been less than a year and the field hasn't gone through a full harvest cycle yet, but I'm excited. The shrubs, which had die-back because of root rots and diseases like leaf spot, look better than ever. They are healthy, have put on over 3 feet of growth, have incredible vigor, and have a tremendous number of buds and berries. Right now the berries look like little green peas, but I'm looking forward to a great harvest.

What G. P. products have you been using?

I use Growth Products' Companion, Nitro-22, PolyKPhos 3-18-18, TKO Phosphite and Micro-Tech CT, applied through drip irrigation and/or an air blast sprayer. I also use Essential Plus 1-0-1 during planting and injection. With a few tweaks, I follow the Growth Products' Citrus Program for the TMM grove and follow GP's Berry Program for the 4H Farm.

Taylor Henderson with oranges

Do you have a favorite product?

They all work great together, but Companion is incredible. It is the best product I have ever used for disease control -- it virtually eliminated canker in my citrus grove. I come from a citrus family, and we say that Companion should be on the cover of every magazine in Florida for its ability to get rid of canker, if for nothing else. Companion is a winner at the 4H Farm as well. The roots rots and foliar diseases that were making my blueberries look ragged are gone.

Where did you get the name for the blueberry farm and the citrus grove?

The 4 "H's" of the 4H Farms are the four Hendersons - my father, mother, sister, and I - who jointly own it. It's in Fort Meade. TMM has 40 acres of citrus in Haines City, and it was named after me (Taylor) and my sister – Mary Martha.

Many thanks to Taylor Henderson,  4H Farms,  TMM Groves, and G.P. Solutions Technical Representative, Mark White for their help with this article, and congratulations to Taylor for providing our Best Success Story of the month

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March Winner - Taylor Henderson




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