Growing a More Apeeling Potato
Martin Sidor, Sidor Farms North Fork Potato Chips
Owner, Mattatuck, Long Island
"As a potato farmer located in Long Island, Marin Sidor of North Fork Potato Chips has to deal with a variety of challenges including; unpredictable weather, disease, and storability. In an effort to increase sustainability and profitability in his operations, Martin relied on extensive research and a custom foliar program which resulted in a healthier plant, better yield, and reduced disease."
The Ripple Effect - Healthier Plants, Faster Turnaround, Satisfied Customers
Steve Bruin, Lincoln Nurseries
Head Grower, Grand Rapids, MI
"This year, Steve Bruin of Lincoln Nurseries in Grand Rapids, Michigan began using Growth Products in his propagation process with outstanding results. With plants being propagated and potted in 2 months, Steve is able to turnaround plants quickly and free up space in his greenhouse, while providing his customer with a healthier product at the same time."
Performing As Advertised
Chris Ruske, Cumberland Nurseries
Head Grower, Millville, NJ
"As the manager of the wholesale nursery at Cumberland Nurseries, Chris Ruske has been using Essential Plus 1-0-1 as part of his propagation process for over 6 years. Using Essential as a soak, they have been able to significantly speed up their production process. "We're seeing plants that might have taken all winter to root, rooting before winter," he says. Chris has also seen tremendous results in difficult to root plants such as beach plum and myrica, having seen an over 50% increase in root rate."
Custom Care for Customers Who Love Their Lawns
Jim Beveridge, Yards Done Right
Plant Healthcare Manager, Cleveland, OH
"Jim Beveridge, owner of Yards Done Right in Cleveland, Ohio, discusses his biological approach to landscaping. "We've have studied a lot of different research that says if you fix your soils, it will fix your other problems," says Jim. By choosing Growth Products to solve specific problems, he found that his customers' lawns stayed greener longer and were able to fight off common diseases such as dollar spot and red thread. "The overall health of the lawns is incredible," says Jim, "We've been getting such good compliments from our customers."
A Superintendent's Story - Regulations, Research, and Reduction
Barry Mueller, San Geronimo Golf Course
Superintendent, San Geronimo, CA
"Watch Keith Giertych's conversation with Barry Mueller, a 40 year veteran Superintendent. While working with Marin County to reduce the use of chemical fungicides at San Geronimo Golf Course, Barry's research led him to Companion Biological Fungicide. In addition to reducing his annual applications of standard fungicides, Barry has noticed a significant reduction in diseases like fusarium, anthracnose, and rhizoctonia as well as more consistent root depth throughout the year."
A Face Lift For a Private Estate
Gary Benbow, Tree Care Inc.
Plant Healthcare Manager, Sacramento, CA
"Growth Products representative Keith Giertych. talks with Gary Benbow of Tree Care Inc. about a new landscape project at a private estate in Sacramento, California. After consulting with Keith and Dave Patterson of Target Specialty Products, Gary created a protocol to target high pH, iron deficiencies, and low growth rates using Growth Products' pH Reducer, 0-30-0, Autumn Care 6-12-12, Companion, and Essential. With regular applications since the fall, the landscape has responded well to the treatments showing renewed color and vigor."
Consistency is Key
Luke Hankins, Windyke Country Club
Superintendent, Memphis, TN
"Luke Hankins is the Director of Turfgrass Operations of a 54-hole Golf Course in Memphis, TN. After a conversion project in 2003, Luke began a foliar feeding program with Growth Products. He now uses a regular rotation of Pro-Formance 18-3-6 and Micrel Total to give his course a consistent green color for a 7 to 10 day run and provide his players with consistent green-speed, feel, and firmness."
Clutch Conditions Require Dependable Solutions
Eric Campbell, Security Bank Ball Park
Head Groundskeeper, Midland, TX
"As the Head Groundskeeper for Security Bank Ballpark, Eric Campbell has to work around environmental stresses such as extreme heat, heavy winds, minimal rainfall, heavy foot traffic, and high salinity water. Watch Eric discuss his methods to mitigate extreme conditions, including a custom program using Essential Plus, TKO Phosphite, X-Xtra Iron, and Micrel Total."
Well Rooted, Finished Hydrangeas in 9 Weeks
Jim Emery & Curtis Dale, Northland Farms
Head Growers, West Olive, MI
"After observing shorter crop cycles and a reduced need for chemical fungicides, Jim Emery & Curtis Dale of Northland Farms, decided to use Companion & Essential to help grow a quicker and more profitable hydrangea. Beginning in mid-August, using two hardwood cuttings at the end of their growth cycle, stuck in a one gallon pot, Jim & Curtis had a finished, well rooted plant in just 9 weeks! As soon as the plants came out of dormancy in the spring, the plants were saleable in 2-3 weeks, shaving 3 months of the crop cycle."
Rebuilding a Grove From the Ground Up
Carl Sons, Wheeler Farms
Grove Manager, Lake Wales, FL
"G.P. Solutions Representative Mark White, talks with Carl Sons of Wheeler Farms, who rehabilitated an abandoned 100 acre grove in Lake Wales, Florida. Using a nutritional program that included that included foliar feeding and injections of TKO Phosphite, Carl was able to turn around a grove that didn't produce a box of fruit into a viable grove that produces marketable fresh fruit, with production increasing annually."
Keeping Mummy Berry Under Wraps
Richard Rant, Wind Dancer Farms
Co-Owner, West Olive, MI
"Richard Rant, Co-Owner of Wind Dancer Farms of West Olive, Michigan, discusses his grove's efforts to improve fruit quality and combat fruit rot diseases. Faced with Mummy Berry, a serious disease that results in the discoloration and decline of blueberries, Wind Dancer Farms was able to treat an instance of this disease that was running through a block of blueberries. By increasing their application rate and narrowing their timings, they were able to "shut down right in it tracks" after 2 sprays."