Growth Products prides itself on servicing our customers nutritional and disease resistance needs. Whether the goal is the greenest turf, fighting crop disease or a substantially improved harvest, we have products for all of your needs encountered on the job
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Biological Fungicide
Companion Biological Fungicide
Liquid Biological Fungicide for Agricultural Use

Companion Biological Fungicide Wettable Powder
OMRI Listed
Biologically Based Natural Organics
Essential Organic 1-0-1
OMRI Listed for Organically Grown Crops, Herbs and Plugs

Essential Plus 1-0-1
Soil Amendment and Root Enhancer with 21 L-Amino Acids

Fulv-Ex 13-0-5
With 60% SRN - A Product To Promote Plant Performance

1-0-1 with Organic Enhancers

Humic 12 (0-0-3)
0-0-3 For All Crops

Macroganics 4-3-2
Organic N-P-K Fertilizer 100% Plant Derived

Overcome Environmental Stress & Increase Nutrient Uptake

pH Reducer
A Citric Acid Solution Approved by WSDA

Pure Kelp SA
Natural Metabolite And Bio-Enhancer

Sil-Guard® (0-2-5)
With 7% Potassium Silicate & 2% Phosphite

SiTKO SA 0-7-17
A combination of Silicate and Phosphite for All Crops
Dry Technology
BioBlender™ Media Mix
(3-0-3) For All Types Of Nursery & Greenhouse Pre-Plant & Transpant Soils

BioNutrients Soluble AG 8-1-9
Approved by the WSDA for use in organic production

BioNutrients Total Pak
With Mycorrhizal Technology
0-0-25 Liquid Potassium
The Purest Form of Potassium

14-7-14 All Purpose
With 50% Slow Released Methylene Nitrogen Plus Micronutrients

18-6-12 Nursery Star
Liquid Fertilizer Solution with 60% Smart Nitrogen

Bluetrition (10-5-5)
With Slow Release Nitrogen Plus FulvEx

KPhos 3-18-18
Macro Liquid Foliar Formulation

Nitro®-28 SRN 28-0-0
With 72% Slow Release Nitrogen

Nitro+K 22-0-16
with 82% Slow Release Methylene Nitrogen with Potassium Carbonate

Nitro-22 (22-0-0)
With 40% Smart Nitrogen Plus 4% Sulfur

Nitro-26 B Plus
With 0.05% Boron

Nitro-30 SRN 30-0-0
With 85% Slow Release Nitrogen - a Unique specialty fertilizer for sustainable agriculture

Recover RX (3-18-18)
RX Foliar Formulation With A Unique Blend Of Phosphates & Phosphite

Sodium Knockout 5-0-0
With 6% Calcium

Starter Plus Bloomtastic 8-32-5
With Slow Release Methylene Nitrogen Plus Micros

TKO Phosphite 0-29-26
100% phosphite

TKO Phosphite™ 0-0-26
Pure Phosphite

Triple 12 +
12-12-12 With 42% Slow Release Nitrogen and Salicylic Acid
Cal Mag Max 7-0-3
With 4% Chelated Calcium & 2% Chelated Magnesium

Cal-Tec 9% (6-0-0)
Calcium Glucoheptanate With 9% Chelated Calcium

Iron Max AC 6% 15-0-0
With 2% Chelated Manganese & 3.5% SULFUR

Magnesium Chelate 3%
Liquid Organic Chelate

Manganese Chelate 5%
Organic Chelate with 2% Sulfur

Micrel Total (5-0-0)
With Eight Chelated Micronutrients

Micros Plus OsmoTech™
Mg, S, Fe, Mn, Zn, B and Mo

MicroTech AG
Chelated Micronutrients .5% Fe, 4% Mn and 4% Zn

Microtech Bloom (5-0-0)
Chelated Micronutrients 4% CA, 1% MG,1% B, 0.02% MO Plus Organics

MicroTech CT
Chelated Micronutrients Fe Mo, S, MN, Zn, Mo

X-Xtra Iron 6-0-0
High Iron 9% - Low Nitrogen 6%

Zinc Chelate
A 100% Chelated Zinc Solution
Adjuvance NI
Penetrant, Surfactant, Acidifier, Drift Control Agent

All Natural Wetting Agent plus Humic Acid