Growth Products prides itself on servicing our customers nutritional and disease resistance needs. Whether the goal is the greenest turf, fighting crop disease or a substantially improved harvest, we have products for all of your needs encountered on the job
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Biological Fungicide
Companion Biological Fungicide
For Turf and Professional Landscape use for Prevention and Control of Soil and Foliar Diseases
Biologically Based Natural Organics
Essential® Plus 1-0-1
Soil Amendment and Root Enhancer with 21 L-Amino Acids

Green-Speed Si 0-2-5
7% Potassium Silicate, with Phosphite and 2% Humic Acid

All Natural Wetting Agent plus Humic Acid

Macroganics 4-3-2
Organic N-P-K Fertilizer 100% Plant Derived

pH Reducer
A Citric Acid Solution Approved by WSDA

Pure Kelp SA
Natural Metabolite And Bio-Enhancer

Re-Store Plus 3-0-2
For Fairways with 10% Humic Acid and L-Amino Acids
Dry Technology
BioNutrients Soluble 8-0-9
For Fairways, Sports Turf, & Lawn Care

BioNutrients Total-Pak Injectable For Trees
With Mycorrhizal Technology

The Landscaper's BioNutrition™ 3-0-3 Granular
3-0-3 Granular with Mycorrhizae Technology for Trees and Plantings
Liquid Potassium Solution

Liquid Phosphorus Solution

Liquid Fertilizer Solution with 60% SRN from Nitro-30

Arbor Care 15-8-4
With Slow Release Nitrogen Plus Micronutrients

Autumn Care 6-12-12
Liquid Fertilization with 40% Slow Release Nitrogen

Compost De-Thatcher
15-0-0 plus Microbes & Enzymes With 10% Slow Release Nitrogen

Gro-Pro 12-4-12
For All Turf Grass, Trees & Landscape Plants With 60% SRN +Mg, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, B, Plus Humic Acid And Sugars

K-Builder 7-2-21
Liquid Fertilizer Solution with 50% Slow Release Nitrogen

Nitro®-28 SRN 28-0-0
With 72% Slow Release Nitrogen

Nitro+K 22-0-16
82% Slow Release Nitrogen with Potassium Carbonate

Nitro-22 (22-0-0)
With 40% Smart Nitrogen Plus 4% Sulfur

Nitro-30 SRN 30-0-0
with 85% Slow Release Nitrogen

Palm Pro 12-4-12
With 60% SRN - The Smart Nitrogen
+ MG, MN, FE, CU, ZN, B, Plus Humic Acid and Sugars

Pro-Balance 15-0-15
With 50% Slow Release Nitrogen

Pro-Balance 15-2-15
With 50% Slow Release Nitrogen

Pro-Formance Ultra 18-3-6
A premium Foliar Greens Product with Organic Enhancers

Quick Response 20-3-3
with 20% Slow Release Nitrogen

Recover RX (3-18-18)
RX Foliar Formulation With A Unique Blend Of Phosphates & Phosphite

Sodium Knockout 5-0-0
With 6% Calcium & Natural Wetting Agent

Starter Plus Bloomtastic 8-32-5
Liquid Fertilizer Solution with 50% Slow Release Nitrogen

The Classic 18-0-6
Phosphate Free with 50% SRN plus Micronutrients

The Classic 18-3-6
Liquid Fertilizer Solution with 50% SRN Plus Micronutrients

TKO Phosphite 0-29-26
100% Phosphite

TKO Phosphite™ 0-0-26
100% Phosphite

Triple 12 +
12-12-12 With 42% Slow Release Nitrogen and Salicylic Acid
Cal Mag Max 7-0-3
with 4% Calcium and 2% Chelated Magnesium

Cal-Tec 9% Calcium Glucoheptonate
6-0-0 with 9% Chelated Calcium

Iron Max AC 6% 15-0-0
With 2% Chelated Manganese and 3.5% Sulfur

Magnesium Chelate 3%
Glucoheptonate Organic Chelate with 2% Sulfur

Manganese Chelate 5%
Glucoheptonate Organic Chelate with 2% Sulfur

Micrel Total
5-0-0 with a Total Micronutrient Package of S, Mg, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, and Zn

Organic Iron 5%
Glucoheptonate Chelate with 2% Sulfur

X-Xtra Iron 9%
6-0-0 High Iron 9% Low Nitrogen 6%