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BioNutrients Soluble 8-0-9

BioNutrients 8-0-9

The HOW-TO recovery after the devastating effects of Salt Damage!

De-icing salts causes extensive damage to turf, trees and plant materials along highways, parking lots, and sidewalks. The problem goes well beyond man-made injury from road salts, and is an increasingly serious problem worldwide, instigated by poor quality saline water or effluent water sources. Fast remediation not only amends unsightly conditions, but also reduces the high cost of re-seeding and re-planting, and increases crop output potential.

The old school of thought, recommended expensive scraping or flushing with irrigation water. Unfortunately, if the source of water is effluent, it only exacerbates the problem. Leaching below root levels will often have lasting effects on a site, with salts percolating back to the surface.

Why does organic matter, “matter”, when it comes to stress recovery?

Although not widely publicized within the scientific community, ORGANIC matter will effectively neutralize salts by up to 71%, in some cases. Couple that with research on the salt tolerance and adaptive toxic resistance factors of the beneficial soil bacterium, Bacillus subtilis, that allow it to respond and reduce salt accumulation and “stress starvation” in shoots and roots, you then have the components for successful soil remediation. Shoot height, root length, plant biomass, leaf area and chlorophyll content are all increased when stress conditions are minimized and organic matter is present.

BioNutrients, a powerful duo of Stress Response and Organic Matter

A Practical Approach by Davey tree focused on salt damage to native wildflowers. BioNutrients 8-0-9 was used in the recovery of native wildflowers that experienced de-icing salt damage. The quality and overall vegetative density was notably improved, and soil heath was restored to the plots treated with BioNutrients, while the untreated plots showed presence of tip and leaf burn, reduced vegetation density, with very slow recovery. Please click here to read our technical study on the effect of BioNutrients® 8-0-9 on plant recovery after de-icing salt damage in native wildflowers.

BioNutrients also includes wild cultures of yeast and all the "extras" that allow the beneficial microbes to successfully colonize soil and enhance root growth.

It is impractical to add tons of organic litter to landscaped lawns and ornamentals? Probably yes, but if you consider that every ounce of BioNutrients has the equivalent active organic material of one cubic yard of compost material and 1,000 times the active bacteria count, you get the picture….

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