Spotlight on Pure Kelp SA

Compost De-Thatcher

Pure Kelp SA - Ecklonia maxima from South Africa - a natural Bio-enhancer

Harbinger of Great Plant Health

This unique kelp species contains high levels of naturally occurring bio-enhancers, predominantly the plant hormone auxin. Also unique about this kelp is that it contains a perfect ratio of high auxin and low cytokinin levels that elicit cell growth, division and development, enhancing growth of turf grasses, trees, ornamentals and food crops.

A Dependable “Courier” from Roots to Shoots with Versatile Feeding

So versatile for all plant species, that can be applied as a soil drench or foliar spray. Pure Kelp SA can be applied as a soil drench or foliar spray to all plant species. When applied as a foliar spray, active metabolites travel down to the root tips encouraging new growth. In the root meristem, the plant produces cytokines which are then transported upwards and initiate corresponding shoot growth. These chemical messengers trigger important growth, promoting leaf extension and prolong the life of the plant tissue, helping slow down biotic and abiotic stress.

“Mighty Messengers” Dispatch Innate Responses and Stress Protection

Bottom line is that Pure Kelp SA enhances the plant to produce its own plant hormones getting it into balance again; advantageous growth promotion, tissue preservation and fortification against environmental factors. This means more roots, a stronger and healthier plant that can take up more available nutrients and defend itself better against biotic and abiotic stress factors.

In Every Application of Pure Kelp SA there is a Hearty Helping of Auxins - Plant Hormone
This Activates:

  • Apical dominance- Helps Plants Devote Energy to Grow Upwards
  • Tolerance to Water Deficiency, and other Abiotic Stress
  • Development of a Strong, Vigorous Root System
  • Improved Uptake of Available Moisture and Nutrients
  • Promotes vigorous root growth
  • Resistance to Biotic Stress – Diseases, Pathogens and Other Pests
  • New Root and Shoot Development in the Spring

Apply to established trees and ornamentals that are under stress from environmental issues. Use on sports fields, golf greens and tees or for establishing newly seeded or sodded turf.

Fun Facts: Auxins are often the invisible forces behind some plant “movements”, such as bending towards sunlight in a phototropic response, which causes cell elongation on one end of the stem and not the other, thus creating a light seeking curvature.

Divide and Conquer! Cytokinins are like fountains of youth, encouraging cells to divide and delaying plant aging.